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Into Senior Golfing? Here Are The Best Tips and Tricks To Improve Your Game

The golf swing requires precise mechanics and movement, and the physical demands as we age get more and more difficult to deal with. As your physique and body change, in addition to adjusting your golf swing every couple of years, there are some things that can be done to help …

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Use it or Lose it

“Use it or lose it.” I’m sure you’re familiar with this advice – and in regards to muscle it is true very true. Not using your muscles is one of the strongest triggers of sarcopenia. Sarcopenia is the loss of skeletal muscle mass and strength, typically as a result of …

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It’s time to start pumping that iron!

Sarcopenia, or the decline of skeletal muscle tissue with age, is one of the most important causes of functional decline and loss of independence in older adults. Estimates of how much of our muscle is lost with age varies from 8 percent to about 50 percent, with men seeming to …

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Exercise has no age limit

I was reading an article a few months ago: Over 40 and fitter than ever: a grown-up guide which claimed there is a massive push towards regular exercise by people 50 and above. Although this was a British article the findings are impressive none-the-less. “According to Sport England, the strongest …

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Aged Fitness by Scott Simpson

Aged Fitness Keeping fit and active is an important part of positive ageing. It’s good to see so many seniors are already taking the opportunity to try new things, make new friends, and get involved in all that New Zealand communities have to offer. As MP for the beautiful Coromandel, …

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Do you even lift? by Regan

I am a member of the CSPC (Canterbury Sports Performance Gym) here in Christchurch and a lot of the times I have gone I have noticed various other members of my gym lifting much heavier weights than myself in various exercises. Most of these people compete competitively in the weight …

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