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Sensory Gardens

There is evidence to suggest that as mental capacity changes in people with dementia, some patients will function more on a sensory level rather than an intellectual level. The establishment of sensory gardens are a great tool to help people with dementia which can help to inspire and recover old …

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It’s not just the elderly: Understanding younger onset dementia

For most of us, when we think about people living with dementia we think about the older members of our community. And while most people with dementia only begin to develop symptoms after they reach the age of 65, for some people the signs begin much earlier. Younger onset dementia …

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Taking care of the carers

When you’re the carer for someone who has dementia, it can sometimes feel like your whole world revolves around them. When you’re also related to or married to the person you’re caring for, this is perhaps even more true. Naturally, you want them to have the best life possible, especially …

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Dementia & The Magic of Words

“What I Speak is What I Create” “Abracadabra” is a very old word and there is some debate about where it came from. A widely accepted view is it is from the ancient Aramaic language and means “What I speak is what I create”. I’ll let the debate go on …

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