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Dispelling the dementia myths

By 2050 the number of New Zealanders with dementia will be able to fill Wellington Stadium five times. It’s a statistic that makes dementia one of New Zealand’s most pressing health challenges. While the impact of dementia on our society as a whole may be well known, many Kiwis don’t …

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Genetics and Dementia

In July, Dr Matthew Croucher, a psychiatrist of old age, made himself available to give an overview of dementia and answer questions from the audience. Full, not only of knowledge, but also insight and empathy, the session was of immense value to those who came. It covered an over view …

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What we could learn from South Korea and their “war on dementia”

Creating a “community of care” outside hospital in the wider population could help revolutionize how we look after and care for those with mental health issues and dementia. South Korea has declared a “war on dementia” encompassing ideas around a “community of care”, which includes day dementia-care and prevention clinics, …

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New research explores the use of technology in early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s

A recent study from researchers at England’s University of Cambridge has found that virtual reality (VR) can identify symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease more accurately than ‘gold standard’ cognitive testing. In 2014, researchers discovered what is known as our brain’s “internal satnav” (the entorhinal cortex), one of the first regions to be damaged …

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The importance of the language we use

by Wendy Mawson (Dementia Key Worker) Sufferer, victim, demented, senile, patient – these are terms that have been used to describe and define someone living with dementia, it is important to highlight these terms are commonly used by people around the person and not the person themselves. This could include …

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Still Me campaign to mark Alzheimer’s Awareness Month, this September

At just 57 years old, Amrita Francis’ world turned upside down, with an early-onset Alzheimer’s diagnosis that within five years would heavily affect her memory and ability to work. Now at 62 years old, ex-music teacher Amrita still remembers how to play classical piano, and she still enjoys her family. …

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