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What is a silver economy?

Older adults are increasingly shaping economies all over the world. Tapping into the “silver market”, engaging the over 65s as consumers, offers great opportunities. Property developers, car makers, technology companies, financial services firms and the pharmaceutical industry are all cashing in on the silver dollar and are tailoring their offerings accordingly. …

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Why consider further study?

A recent study conducted by Victoria University aimed to gain better understanding why older people decide to study later in life. People aged 60 plus represented a very small proportion of students at Victoria University who came into their study – only one in every 300; 21 were interviewed in …

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Combating loneliness

Withdrawing from society isn’t a natural part of ageing unless you choose it. We are social creatures. We like to spend time together, talking, laughing and sometimes crying. But there are times in life where interaction becomes minimal. Everyone experiences loneliness at one time or another, and these feelings usually …

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Malnutrition starts in the community

Author: The Pure Food Co Now, I know what you’re thinking. We are regularly subjected to heart wrenching images of those living in poverty, unable to gain access to food, water or healthcare. Malnutrition is a worldwide problem without a doubt, however, potentially to the surprise of some, there’s also …

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