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Spreading Christmas Cheer

For a number of reasons, Christmas may not be the joyful holiday for older people it is made out to be in film and TV. Loneliness, mobility restrictions and disability may impact on an older persons’ ability to join in with on the Christmas celebrations. Here are a few ideas …

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Contact with Grandchildren

At a time when we are living longer and healthier lives it is also the case that the glue that formerly kept families together and in communication with one another has been stretched to breaking point. The Care of the Children Act 2004 recognised this evolving family dynamic and the …

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Designing for everyone

The 20th century brought about major social changes with respect to civil and human rights. Medical advances during this period meant that the likelihood of surviving an injury or illness was far greater. People began to live longer and the average life expectancy of people with severe impairments increased. Driven …

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Elderhood – do we have it? Where has it gone?

Elderhood is said to be one of the 3 main developmental stages of human life. Childhood is the first stage. Adulthood is the second major stage of human life. Elderhood is the third. Dr. Bill Thomas in his book, Second Wind, explores this stage. He states this stage is when accomplishments and …

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Voluntary or Pro bono? The importance of language in valuing older people’s contributions

Reframing our words and concepts is important, especially in the fight against ageism. Ageism is particularly apparent and pervasive in the language we use in western society and it seems to be one of the remaining ‘isms’ people don’t feel embarrassed to express in public. It’s everywhere. We even hear …

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