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Creating an Age Friendly society

Population ageing has been described as the greatest challenge facing the developed world today. Worldwide we are seeing a shift in the distribution of population towards older ages and this has considerable implications for the way that society works, the services that will need to be provided and the relationship …

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Election Promises

On Saturday 23 September 2017 as a nation, we will determine the membership of the 52nd New Zealand Parliament. This month we are going to look at the policies of each of the ‘main’ political parties in New Zealand, focusing on issues relating to older people and the aged care industry. …

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Are we the best?

It’s official – New Zealand is the best country in the world to retire in. At least, that’s according to an annual survey by US News and World Report, in conjunction with global marketing communications company Y&R’s BAV Consulting and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. We even …

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Buy now or risk your retirement?

It is the New Zealand dream – home ownership. But for many this is getting more and more out of reach. Rising housing prices, strict mortgage criteria and daunting deposits coupled with rising rent prices has meant that the average kiwi searching for that quarter-acre dream is now fresh outta-luck! …

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“Women’s Work”

In the wake of the historical care worker pay settlement, I want to take minute to reflect on how this impacts women and men all over New Zealand. This settlement was based around how we value ‘women’s work’. Women’s work is a term used particularly in the West to indicate …

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