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Buy now or risk your retirement?

It is the New Zealand dream – home ownership. But for many this is getting more and more out of reach. Rising housing prices, strict mortgage criteria and daunting deposits coupled with rising rent prices has meant that the average kiwi searching for that quarter-acre dream is now fresh outta-luck! …

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“Women’s Work”

In the wake of the historical care worker pay settlement, I want to take minute to reflect on how this impacts women and men all over New Zealand. This settlement was based around how we value ‘women’s work’. Women’s work is a term used particularly in the West to indicate …

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Choices for Mum and/or Dad

It is widely acknowledged that moving house is among the most stressful experiences in life. When we are older, this already daunting life event can simply become too much to contemplate and it becomes overwhelming to the point this becomes a reason to delay or defer a move. Moving home …

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The World Masters Games

With the World Masters Games being held in Auckland from the 21st to the 30th of April, I thought it would be a good chance to focus on health related topics on the gazette this month. For those who do not know the World Masters Games is the world’s largest …

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