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Designing for everyone

The 20th century brought about major social changes with respect to civil and human rights. Medical advances during this period meant that the likelihood of surviving an injury or illness was far greater. People began to live longer and the average life expectancy of people with severe impairments increased. Driven …

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Give something a “second life”

Advertisement has done a wonderful job of selling us on the attractiveness and benefits of buying “new”, “improved”, “special”, etc. products. Coupled with social media’s power of making you think you ‘need’ a product and setting the trends from food, drink, furniture, clothing, make-up etc. How much of that stuff …

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The importance of green spaces as we age

In New Zealand, we are spoiled with our breath-taking landscapes and wilderness. I think New Zealander’s especially, because of our close proximity, feel as though we have good connection to nature. However, a University of Otago study findings, published in the journal Environment and Behavior, revealed older people spent less time …

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