Cancer Society nurses can be a lifeline for patients

For Beryl, having a specialist nurse alongside during her cancer journey made a world of difference. She talks about her experience with Cancer Society Auckland and Northland in our latest blog.

Specialised care and support to meet the needs of everyone makes such a difference. Cancer Society’s nurses are there throughout the entire cancer journey providing practical and emotional support, referrals to other healthcare providers and help with side-effect management.

When Beryl was going through treatment for breast cancer, Robin, her Cancer Society nurse gave her the support and reassurance she needed:

“It’s nice to have someone who can tell you what’s normal and what isn’t. Family and friends are well-meaning, but they haven’t been through it themselves. Robin can answer questions and give reassurance the way others can’t”.

At the beginning, nurses like Robin go through a full assessment to understand the complex treatment a patient is receiving and to see what support they need. It’s so important because everyone deals with their diagnosis differently.

For Beryl, her diagnosis came out of the blue. And as she tried to come to terms with her diagnosis and the mastectomy that quickly followed, she found out she would need more treatment:

“Finding out I needed to have chemotherapy really shook me. No one had mentioned it before. I felt like I was still recovering from my surgery, my scars were still healing when I started treatment.”

As a specialist cancer nurse, Robin was able to provide expert advice and information which makes a real difference:

“Robin visited me at home before I started chemotherapy. She gave me all the information I needed. She was so reassuring.”

Cancer Society nurses are often a lifeline for patients:

“It made such a difference knowing there was someone out there checking on me. Robin always cared about how I was feeling and coping. All of the information she gave me and the frequent contact with Robin made me feel less alone and isolated.”

Beryl is incredibly grateful for the care and support she received from Cancer Society throughout her cancer journey. 

This kind of ongoing specialist support is only made possible because of the wonderful generosity from donors and volunteer.

If you would like more information about the support available from Cancer Society please visit their website or contact / 0800 266 237. You can help support New Zealanders like Beryl by donating to Cancer Society via their website.

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Cancer Society of Auckland and Northland are here to support people with cancer and their whānau in the Auckland/Northland region.

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