Book review: Yours Cheerfully by AJ Pearce

Our Production Officer, Summer McCambridge, recently read Yours Cheerfully, the new novel by Sunday Times Bestselling author AJ Pearce – read her review below.

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I cannot remember the last time I had to write a book report (I am guessing way back in high school) but when Yours Cheerfully arrived in the office, I was keen to have a read so was up for the task. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and was surprised at the speed in which I devoured it. The ease of the writing and touching storyline line drew me in and I found it hard to put down.

Yours Cheerfully is the much-anticipated sequel to the popular Dear Mrs Bird. I read Yours Cheerfully unaware of this and would have never guessed as much. The plot was fast moving and involved, and I felt a great connection to the characters straight away.

The story follows the young Emmeline Lake who takes on the challenge of becoming a young wartime advice columnist at the Woman’s Friend magazine. We follow Emmy’s journey of love, friendship, duty, and the very real challenges faced by working wartime women. When Emmy and her best friend Bunty meet a young woman, who shows them the reality of life for women war workers Emmy is forced to take the dilemma of doing her duty and standing by her friends. Although set in wartime England the mood was unexpectedly heart-warming and light yet covered the serious aspects of war with great respect.

Yours Cheerfully was a lovely enjoyable easy read and would appeal to a wide range of readers. I would happily pass this book onto my 11-year-old daughter or 60-year-old Aunty and everyone in between.

Photo credit: Claudia Wolff on Unsplash

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