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Book Review – The Wicked Cometh by Laura Carlin

The Wicked Cometh

Laura Carlin


RRP: $34.99

I need to start by saying that, for some reason, I found this book weird. It’s genre is probably best described a gothic fiction…and I don’t think I’m a fan.

Set in England between London and country houses it follows the fate of a smart girl who is thrown into poverty. Using her street and book smarts she (for wont of a better word) attaches herself to an aristocratic family. But, all is not well with our protagonist, nor the family she is now associating with.

Part of this novel are captivating and fast passed, other sections seem over wrought and too slow, which made for a jarring read – the telling of danger in the slums, and evil men at work were fascinating, and the style certainly evoked the period, but the sections of romance and charm sat poorly together – meaning that at some times, as a reader, I was just ploughing through to get to the next ‘good bit’.

The ending was all very over hyped and the whole premise of the story really came tumbling down for me at this stage with so many secrets and lies and double lives that it all just seemed too far fetched, even for a work of fiction.

Overall, I couldn’t rightfully justify recommending this book except to those with a fascination with this period.

About the Author

Laura Carlin left school at 16 to work in retail banking and it was only after leaving her job to write full-time that she discovered her passion for storytelling and exploring pockets of history through fiction. She lives in a book-filled house in beautiful rural Derbyshire with her family (and a very naughty cat). When she’s not writing she enjoys walking in the surrounding Peak District. The Wicked Cometh is her first novel.

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Esther Perriam
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