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Book Review – The Lucky Galah by Tracey Sorensen

The Lucky Galah

Tracey Sorensen


RRP: $29.99

There is a section of this book that is so beautifully written I’ve made other people sit down and read it just to exclaim over how perfect it is. A perfect piece of prose is a wonderful thing to behold nad should be shared with others.

Sadly, this book is not filled with similar prose, in fact in some places it just seems downright wooden. I know, you’re feeling let down after that compelling introduction – but that’s exactly how I felt with this novel…let down. But let’s just start with two of the major problems I had with the novel.

The narrator is a bird. Yes, a bird. Which of course lends its self to the ‘unreliable narrator’ category; but at times the bird has wonderful insight – or does it? The whole unreliable narrator always gets to me and whilst I can often find a way to cast myself in the role of young child, or biased observer, I just couldn’t make myself a bird…

The other issue I had with this novel is the role of the dish – not just any dish, a communications dish used in the moon landing in 1969. Sure, it’s an interesting enough addition, and I can see that the discover of something like this (because it is actually a real dish, in a real town, in Australia) may plant a seed in a writer’s mind – but the fact that the dish and the birds all talk to each other….

I’d like to think I’m an open-minded reader. I can read fantasy and sci-fi and not feel quite as unsatisfied as I did when reading this book. I can’t really place my finger on exactly what it was I didn’t like enough to make this work; some of the characters are well developed and there’s a certain feel of time and place that’s well crafted – but it just wasn’t enough – and except for the moment of wonder on page 74-76 (of my edition) my attention was not held, and my passions were not evoked. Sadly, not a recommendation from me this time!

About the Author

Tracy Sorensen is a writer, filmmaker and academic. She was born in Brisbane, grew up in Carnarvon on the north coast of Western Australia and lived in and around Newtown, Sydney, for about 15 years. She now lives in Bathurst with her partner Steve and a black Labrador (Bertie). The Lucky Galahis her first novel.

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Esther Perriam
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