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Book Review: The Haven by Simon Lelic

The Haven

Simon Lelic


RRP: $19.99

As a great fan and advocate for young adult (YA) fiction I’m usually the first to encourage my readers to take a chance on the YA book. Sadly, this book is NOT one to take a chance on. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not terrible – but it’s definitely not good!

Set in the underground of London, in a dystopian future, we follow our unlikely hero Ollie as he navigates a secret society of kids who are running another society below the streets. Of course, they have a nemesis, the “Mad Maddy” and his crew who are determined to ruin life as they know it. As you suspect they have to defeat the baddies and save the day – it’s just all to cliché!

Sadly, this book seems written to a formula by an author who just dumbed down his writing (he’s a previously published adult factor writer) rather than used his skills to craft a magical world for young readers to disappear into. He could do better!

As you can guess, sadly, I would not recommend.

About the Author

Simon Lelic is a writer of crime and thriller novels for adults – winner of the Betty Trask Award, shortlisted for the CWA Dagger Awards and the Galaxy National Book Awards. He lives in Brighton with his wife and three children. Other than his family, reading is Simon’s biggest passion. He also holds a black belt in karate, in which he trains daily. You can follow him on Twitter @Simon_Lelic.

About Esther Perriam

Esther Perriam
Esther Perriam is the General Manager at Eldernet. She’s worked in the business for over 10 years and has been lucky to visit many of the older person’s services around the country. She’s never short of an opinion on…pretty much anything. Esther really loves reading and you’ll see plenty of book reviews authored by her. As a mother of two small children there’s not much free time but if there is she also enjoys cooking (for grown-ups, not the kids!) and anything beach related in her spare time. Esther has presented at conferences around New Zealand and is happy to be contacted in regards to speaking or presenting at your event.

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