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Book Review: Skyward – Claim the Stars by Brandon Sanderson

Skyward: Claims the Stars

Brandon Sanderson


RRP: $34.99

Having not read any of this author’s book previously, I had no real expectations of this new Young Adult (YA) series. I was more than pleasantly surprised when I really enjoyed this book – actually, to be honest, I actually could hardly put it down and devoured it in less than 24 hours!

As per most other YA novels at the moment, this is a novel set in a dystopian future where humans have left earth and now live on a hostile planet somewhere in space. What makes it more hostile, is that aliens frequently attack the planet in an attempt to kill every human who has survived.

Sanderson’s novel focuses on the narrative of Spensa, our ‘heroine’. Spensa is a loner and a semi-outcast based on her family history. Despite this she dreams of holding one of the most esteemed positions in society – a fighter pilot. The novel follows Spensa through her challenges and fights to realise her dream.

Sanderson is a fantastic world builder – everything about this novel felt true and well thought out. His descriptions are vivid and play to our senses – and it came as no surprise to read the credits at the end and discover that he’d taken time to consult a number of experts in certain fields. Boy, does this pay off! His characters are rich and flawed (a often think the best ones are) and whilst there were a few moments where I thought “a teenage girl doesn’t think like that” generally I was impressed with the tone and clarity of the characters.

As you can guess I’d totally recommend this book – not just to YA lovers either. This is a great book for all readers and the thing that really convinced me to recommend this highly was the fact that this novel is apparently the start of a new series – but the book is wrapped up perfectly. I can see there is a chance to develop the story more, but he’s not left end untied and storylines hanging. Truly masterful and satisfying!

About the Author

Brandon Sanderson was born in Nebraska in 1975. Since then he has written, amongst others The Mistborn books and begun the internationally bestselling Stormlight Archive. He was also chosen by Robert Jordan’s family to complete Jordan’s Wheel of Time Sequence. He lives in Utah.

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