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Book Review – Love Elimination by Sarah Gates

Love Elimination

Sarah Gates

Harlequin Books

RRP: $29.99

Let’s just get it out there and say that this book is cloyingly sweet, totally “chic-lit” and absolutely predictable; that’s not to say it’s bad!

I inhaled this book in probably less than four hours. It was a page turner and so easy to just sink into.

There was no deep character development, no twists to the plot, no duplicitous characters; it was everything a quick read should be.

The novel follows Ann’s journey as she reluctantly agrees to help her sister out by appearing on a reality TV show. On the show, she meets the man that she and all the other ‘contestants’ are meant to be vying for….and you can basically fill in the rest of the story yourselves. It’s no spoiler to say, like all good fairy tales “they all live happily ever after” (sorry if that was a spoiler, but goodness me – you need to watch more cheesy movies if you didn’t see that coming).

This is the kind of book you can easily give to someone who doesn’t read much but loves reality TV, it’s a great book for the “it takes me all summer to read a book” reader too as there’s not much content to have retain between pages, and it’s a great time killer for someone like me who needs some “fluff”.

You (nor the world) will be changed by this book, but you won’t regret giving up a few hours of your life (or more) to read it.

 About the Author

Sarah Gates is an Adelaide-based writer. She wrote her first book at sixteen—a tragic love story inspired by Nicolas Sparks. Now in her twenties, Sarah has turned to writing contemporary romance novels full of glamour, handsome men and happy endings. Love Elimination is her first published novel.

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