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Book Review: In the Clearing by J P Pomare

In the Clearing

J P Pomare


RRP: $34.99

I really do enjoy a novel set in Aussie. There’s something so ‘familiar’ that make it easier to read, easier to identify with. This novel was no different. In this latest offering from Pomare we are drawn into the lives of Freya and Amy.

Amy is a child who lives in ‘The Clearing’ under the influence of what can only be described as a cult.  Her narrative is chilling; showing that we are all susceptible to living a life out of the ordinary when our ‘ordinary’ is controlled by others. When a new girl joins the groups Amy’s ideas are challenged, this (as we know) will lead to unsettling events.

Freya is a woman scared by her past, who lives a life on high alert. Trying to pass as ‘normal’ to and care for her son is trying and a series of events in her town begin to force her to confront her past. Freya is brave, and tough – but we begin to see that she is not unmarked by her past. The disappearance of a young girl locally sends her onto the road to discover how far she has come, and how far she has yet to go.

This is a really quick and easy read the final twists of this tale will leave you stunned.

I enjoyed this book and demolished it within 24 hours – it’s a dark but enjoyable summertime read and I know it would ab a safe bet for most readers as a Christmas gift!

About the Author

J.P. Pomare is an award winning writer who has had work published in journals including Meanjin, Kill Your DarlingsTakahe and Mascara Literary Review. He has hosted the On Writing podcast since 2015 featuring bestselling authors from around the globe. His first novel, Call Me Evie, was critically acclaimed and longlisted for the Ngaio Marsh Award.

He was born in New Zealand and resides in Melbourne with his wife. In the Clearing is his second novel.

This book is able to be purchased from 31 December 2019

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Esther Perriam
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