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Book Review – Ghosted by Rosie Walsh


Rosie Walsh


RRP: $34.99

This book is a must read. I cannot begin to explain how much I enjoyed this book! It will definitely make my Top 10 for the year. Please, don’t let the cover put you off – if you see this book pick it up and prepare to ignore anything and everyone as you devour this novel.

Ghosted is, almost, an indefinable novel. Whilst I will admit I’ll have to classify it as “Chick Lit” it doesn’t always read that way – at times this is a mystery, at times a thrilled, at times a heartbreaker – it moves seamlessly through genres and yet, at heart is it the story of the Sarah, our protagonist; recently single, high achiever, with a complicated past.

There’s not a lot of plot I can go into detail about as the story weaves it’s way with some surprising twists – however it is fair to say you’ll laugh, cry, be envious, be surprised, be impressed. However, the basic premise is this – Sarah meets a wonderful, amazing, seemly perfect man – they fall in love. In 7 days. And then, he “ghosts” her. For those not in the know about what this even is…Google defines ghosting as: “the practice of ending a personal relationship with someone by suddenly and without explanation withdrawing from all communication.” The novel explores why.

The glowing reviews from others “achingly sexy, modern, heartbreaking – with a fantastic twist” and “intricate puzzle of a novel…heartbreaking and heartwarming; I was engrossed until the final poignant moment” could not be truer. This really is a novel put together so skillfully that you’ll want to stay up all night reading! (Well, I did). Absolutely five stars!

About the Author

Rosie Walsh lives in Bristol with her partner and their son. Under the pseudonym Lucy Robinson, Rosie blogged for Marie Claire about love and dating, and published four novels in the UK. Ghosted is her first novel under her own name, and will be published in over thirty languages.

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Esther Perriam
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