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Book Review – Everything About You by Heather Child

Everything About You

Heather Child


RRP: $39.99

This novel sits firmly in the dystopian reality genre – novels that speculate about the future. This novel focuses quite heavily on the use of cell phone, augmented reality, virtual reality, and social media (as well as plenty of other tech advances).

The story focuses on Freya – who acquires a ‘beta’ (testing) model of a new virtual assistant. What’s a bit quirky about it however, is that is seems to ‘be’ her foster sister Ruby who is the voice and personality behind the bot. There’s a bit of an issue though, Ruby has been missing, presumed dead for years.

The virtual Ruby however seems to be privy to information that shows she might not be missing after all. Freya wonders if she could still be out there and begins to doubt the past.

This novel was at times fascinating, scary, possibly prophetic and then, sadly, repetitive and disappointing. Whilst the novel explored the eerie amount of information we upload online at times it over explored this and parts of the novel felt like it was just a re-write of previous chapters. And the ending….

The ending was such a disappointment – whilst I can see the author was trying to wrap up some loos ends it was so cumbersome and awkward I almost put the book down. But, I’d come this far so I went to the end. I was pleased to have made it but would have loved for the editors or early readers to have somehow feed back to the author that it was pretty clunky.

All in all, an interesting enough read – but if you like this genre there‘re better authors (Margaret Atwood for one) who will leave you feeling more satisfied.

About the Author

Heather Child’s experience in digital marketing has brought her into close contact with the automation and personalisation technologies that herald the ‘big data’ age. She lives in Bristol and Everything About You is her debut novel. Find her on twitter at @Heatherika1.

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