Beware of corona virus scams

New Zealanders are being warned of a raft of scams and frauds exploiting the spread of coronavirus.

Bronwyn Groot, CFFC’s Fraud Education Manager, says scammers overseas are preying on people’s concern about the virus and targetting them in a variety of ways. While reports of coronavirus scams in New Zealand were few so far, Groot expected them to increase. She alerted people to be wary of messages like the following:

  • Phishing emails or texts pretending to offer information updates or access to testing centres, requesting recipients to enter personal information or click on links. The links install malicious software, enabling scammers to find passwords, access email accounts and download personal information such as bank account details.
  • Offers of a ‘coronavirus map’ app to track the pandemic but which instead downloads malicious software into your device.
  • Cold calls with offers of investments in industries experiencing heightened demand due to the virus, such as pharmaceuticals, or in ‘safe havens’ such as gold.
  • Phone calls from scammers pretending to be health officials asking for your personal information, or saying they have test results but need your credit card details to process a payment.

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