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 New Zealand’s population is ageing and research shows that the number of people who have reached retirement and struggle to provide for themselves is increasing. The number of elderly experiencing hardship in New Zealand is therefore alarmingly high. We are a group of 15 Waikato University students, currently organising a public relations campaign titled "Not So Super-annuation?" The aim of our campaign is to start a conversation between the elderly and the sandwich generation (45-54 year olds who are caring for both their parents and their children), about the struggle of retirement, and the importance of saving for their future.

The campaign launches of the 16th of September 2013 and will run for two weeks. Throughout the duration of our campaign we will be publishing video blogs highlighting issues that elderly people face around healthcare, housing and super-annuation. A discussion forum on our website and Facebook page, will allow elderly and middle aged people to share their ideas and talk about their future. The stories and advice that the elderly share with the sandwich generation, will encourage them to start preparing for retirement; therefore, reducing the amount of elderly experiencing hardship in future years.

 Be a part of this discussion through our website and Facebook page and share your thoughts and experiences, to help prepare the future generations for retirement!

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11 September 2013   

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