Te Arai Research Group

Te Ārai Research Group focuses on Palliative Care & End of Life Research in New Zealand

New Zealand ranks highly in end of life care provided in Aged Care

A newly published study from the ELDER study led by Michal found that New Zealand  Aged Residential Care Facilities rank highly in  end of life care in comparison to six European countries. Great news! We also found that symptom management needs in the last week of life do not vary by diagnosis. …

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“I’m in the dark place”: older people talk about loneliness

NZ Doctor recently published an interview discussing a new paper published from our Ageing Well project exploring social connection among older people in Aotearoa. We used in-depth qualitative methods to identify the sophisticated ways in which older people conceptualise ‘social isolation’, ‘social connection’, and ‘loneliness’. This is an important addition to the literature …

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Befriending services: when and how do they help?

Janine led our latest paper from our Ageing Well project exploring ways to alleviate loneliness among diverse cultural groups. It helps fill a gap in current understanding about whether befriending services influence older peoples’ experiences of social isolation and loneliness, and if so, how We explored older adults’ experiences of, and attitudes …

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The Bicultural Whare Tapa Whā Older Person’s Palliative Care Model

Tess has led a new paper from our HRC funded Te Pākeketanga study which explored the applicability of the Whare Tapa Whā model developed by Sir Mason Durie to the palliative care context. The Whare Tapa Whā model compared health to the four walls of a house, all four being necessary to ensure strength …

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