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Eve Williams

Eve Williams is the Content Developer and Social Media Administration for Eldernet. She is currently studying towards her Masters at the University of Canterbury. She has a passion for learning new things.

Factoring in mobility

According to 2013 data, 50% of females and 40% of males 65 years and older in New Zealand have mobility impairments. This indicates that as we age our mobility declines, and while this is not always true and you an do a number of things to keep mobile, thinking ahead and …

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Designing for everyone

The 20th century brought about major social changes with respect to civil and human rights. Medical advances during this period meant that the likelihood of surviving an injury or illness was far greater. People began to live longer and the average life expectancy of people with severe impairments increased. Driven …

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Using spy cameras to spot abuse

In Australia, retailer’s are reporting that they’ve experienced a rise in ‘spy camera’ purchases as an increasing number of resident’s families say they want to keep an eye on their older loved ones. This sale spike might have something to do with the current Australian Royal Commission into Aged Care …

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Making a complaint about your residential care

Simon Wallace, New Zealand Aged Care Association CEO and the Ministry of Health have developed new resources to assist in navigating the residential care complaints process. Here are the steps that the Ministry of Health suggests using if you have any concerns or would like to make a complaint about …

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‘E-tagging’ – Safety vs. dignity

The use of ‘e-tagging’ devices in aged residential care in New Zealand is not yet common, but could become so, especially when managing the behaviour of dementia patients who are prone to wandering. In Singapore, there have been a number of pilot programmes using radio-frequency identification tags (RFID) or blue tooth …

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Supporting older people to remain in the workforce – should we be following Japan?

The ageing of Japan, indeed of any country, is invariably presented in negative terms. Unlike in Japan where older people command a respect born of Confucian tradition, in much of the west older people tend to be marginalised and treated as unproductive members of society. 25 per cent of Japan’s …

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