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Eve Williams

Eve Williams is the Content Developer and Social Media Administration for Eldernet. She is currently studying towards her Masters at the University of Canterbury. She has a passion for learning new things.

The importance of keeping clean

Personal health and personal hygiene go hand-in-hand. As we age our immune system is not as robust as it once was. This means that keeping up good personal hygiene practices can prevent you from catching or spreading forms of disease or illness. Daily washing, cleaning hands before and after handling …

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Fashion for all ages

Whoever said that you had to give up your style when you reached retirement age was lying. However what is the fashion industry doing to support this idea? In America women aged 50 and over control a net worth of $19 trillion. Also, between the ages of 55 and 64, …

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The power of veggies

Keeping muscle mass and function is very important as you age. Typically as a muscle ages, it not only diminishes in size and strength, it also loses its aerobic capacity. This impacts on mobility and therefore, the ability to stay independent. The biological role of your muscles goes far beyond mobility. …

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Exercise has no age limit

I was reading an article a few months ago: Over 40 and fitter than ever: a grown-up guide which claimed there is a massive push towards regular exercise by people 50 and above. Although this was a British article the findings are impressive none-the-less. “According to Sport England, the strongest …

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The World Masters Games

With the World Masters Games being held in Auckland from the 21st to the 30th of April, I thought it would be a good chance to focus on health related topics on the gazette this month. For those who do not know the World Masters Games is the world’s largest …

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Technology meets animal therapy

Animals have a positive effect on us (which is probably why we enjoy watching cat videos so much). Turns out that apart from giving us the giggles or the warm and fuzzies having a pet may improve your overall physical and mental health. According to the US’s National Centre for …

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Are Robots taking over?

We all know that technology has come leaps and bounds over the last few decades. It was 10 years ago, that Apple first released their iPhone to the public. Now pretty much every second person has one. The same with computers – not long ago was it an unaffordable luxury …

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