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Eve Williams

Eve Williams is the Content Developer and Social Media Administration for Eldernet. She is currently studying towards her Masters at the University of Canterbury. She has a passion for learning new things.

Have you made plans for your pets for when you can no longer look after them?

For many, our pets are an integral part of our family. Owning pets provides many benefits to our health and well-being, one of the major benefits being companionship.  Owning pets can help reduce stress, encourage regular physical activity and gives owners a reason to get out of bed.  Pets provide …

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Reducing food waste

Food waste is a big problem in New Zealand. Every year Kiwis send approximately 122,547 tonnes of food to landfill, all of which could have been eaten. This is enough to feed the whole of Dunedin for two years. Food is wasted at all stages of the supply chain, from …

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Can you still cut your toenails?

You wouldn’t think that being able, or unable, to cut our toenails would be the “tipping point” between independence and needing help, but according to research done over the last 20-25 it is. The research conducted by the Newcastle University shows us that as we get older, we lose our …

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Vitamins and Minerals you should add to your diet!

Eating a balanced diet is important, especially as we age. In particular, there are a couple vitamins and minerals that you should make sure you get enough of every day. Take a look why: Vitamin D Vitamin D has a role in bone health, nerves and muscle function.  Vitamin D …

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The importance of eating regularly

We expect that our diet and appetite will change as we age, and to a certain point eating less as you get older is normal. Mobility issues may cause older people to reduce the amount of physical activity they do, and their metabolism may slow down which results in less …

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Explore new volunteer opportunities

When we think of the benefits of volunteering, the first thing that comes to mind is the impact of the volunteer activities on the health of the community and those being served. However, more and more research is demonstrating that we can get as much out of volunteering as the …

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