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Eve Williams

Eve Williams is the Content Developer and Social Media Administration for Eldernet. She is currently studying towards her Masters at the University of Canterbury. She has a passion for learning new things.

Increasing bone health

Every day $325,000 is spent treating fractures. There are 30,000 clinical fractures and more than 4000 hip fractures annually. Half of hip fracture sufferers will require long-term care and a quarter will suffer an early death. One in three women and one in five men will suffer from an osteoporotic …

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Is loneliness our future?

It is concerning to hear how often older people say they feel lonely or are isolated. Terms such as a ‘loneliness epidemic’ have emerged in recent years to describe the rising number of people feeling lonely in our communities. How can we then turn the tide on this to ensure …

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In the Media

What’s in the news around NZ? In this post we cover recent articles of interest published by a variety of news organisations around NZ including  NZ Herald, Otago Daily Times, Radio NZ, Stuff.co.nz, Beehive.govt.nz, Newshub. to name but a few. To access the article simply click on the link provided and you …

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The power of print

In this world of “fake news” what role does print media have to play in sharing the facts? A study found that people had a profound distrust for online content in general, which they found to be inaccurate and unstable. The study looked to observe, measure and record comparative cognitive …

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