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Are we the best?

It’s official – New Zealand is the best country in the world to retire in.

At least, that’s according to an annual survey by US News and World Report, in conjunction with global marketing communications company Y&R’s BAV Consulting and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. We even bet out the Aussies to claim the top spot!

New Zealand was named number one in the Best Countries for a Comfortable Retirement, and 14 in the overall Best Country ranking.  Eighty countries were ranked by 21,000 survey participants.

For best retirement, people at least 45 years old and self-defined themselves as “upper class” scored countries based on seven attributes: affordable, favourable tax environment, friendly, is a place I would live, pleasant climate, respects property rights and a well-developed public health system.

An overview of New Zealand on the US News website highlights our beautiful scenery people can explore, our stance as a nuclear-free zone, and historical figures including Lord Ernest Rutherford and Sir Edmund Hillary.

So clearly we must be doing something right!

As the baby boomers reach retirement age this is an important ranking to remember. Record numbers of people are immigrating to New Zealand to live, work and clearly to retire. As people plan for retirement, an increasing number are looking abroad as communications and travel shrink the world. This will have a big impact on public resources, but also could be an opportunity for New Zealand to rethink how older people positively contribute to society.

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Eve Willams
Eve Williams is the Sales, Production and Social Media Administrator for Eldernet. She has been working for Eldernet for a number of years on a casual basis but is very excited to grow in her new full time role within the company. A recent graduate of Canterbury University with a degree in Psychology and History, her interests span far and wide.

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