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Are frozen vegetables just as nutritious as fresh vegetables?

Many people believe that fresh vegetables are better than frozen vegetables. However, fresh vegetables lose nutritional value just by sitting around and sometimes it could take up to two weeks from the time they’ve been picked until they reach your plate. Straight from the garden to the table is certainly the healthiest way to eat your vegetables but store-bought frozen vegetables are a good alternative to fresh.

Frozen vegetables are usually processed soon after being harvested – at their peak ripeness. The first step of freezing vegetables does involve blanching them in hot water or steam to kill bacteria, which breaks down some of the water-soluble vitamins. But once the produce is flash-frozen, the rest of the nutrients are locked in. Actually, frozen vegetables may be even more nutritious than the same fresh vegetables that have been sitting out or in the fridge for an extended period of time.

What about canned vegetables?

Canned vegetables undergo a heating process and this means some of the nutrients will inevitably be lost. The other drawback is salt is often added to canned vegetables. A portion of this may be rinsed off with water or you can choose the “no added salt” varieties that are often available. While fresh and frozen might have better nutritional value canned vegetables are certainly a better alternative to no vegetables at all!

Whether fresh, frozen or canned fits your taste and lifestyle select any type that you enjoy eating. For good health it is recommended you include 3 servings of vegetables a day – one serving is equivalent to the amount that fits into the palm of your hand.

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