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Advanced Care Planning Day

Friday 5 April is Advance Care Planning Day, which encourages New Zealanders to think about, talk about and plan for their future and end-of-life care. A key message this year is ‘Start your plan today!’

Discussing end-of-life can make it easier to understand and less frightening for you and your whānau. It can ease the way for all.

Talk to your whānau and others close to you about things like:

  • any health care issues you may have already and what your challenges in the future may be
  • where you would want to be cared for if you could no longer care for yourself
  • what type of care you would like towards the end of your life
  • any specific worries you have about your wellbeing, being ill or dying.

Talk to your GP or other health care professionals about what kind of care and treatment you might want, or don’t want in the future.

Sharing your wishes for future health care can avoid potential conflict and guide your whānau during a difficult time. Visit www.myacp.org.nz to read stories about how an Advance Care Plan helped New Zealander, as well as information regarding how to start your Advance Care Plan journey.

About Advanced Care Planning

Advanced Care Planning
Advance care planning gives everyone a chance to say what’s important to them. It helps people understand what the future might hold and to say what treatment they would and would not want. It helps people, their families and their healthcare teams plan for future and end of life care.

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