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A Very Merry Christmas for One

If you are on your own this Christmas, it can be hard to decide what to cook. However, eating alone doesn’t mean you have to forgo your Christmas meal,
but rather it may take a slightly different form.

Treat yourself. Choose something special, something that you don’t often get to eat, but also make sure that it’s manageable and won’t leave you frustrated with too much work in the kitchen.

Prepare ahead

To keep your Christmas day relaxing, you can prepare some of the recipes the day before. For example, on Christmas Eve you can chop the vegetables for roasting, prepare the chicken pan, mix up the salad dressing and prepare the fruit for the Christmas pudding.

And don’t forget about presentation and atmosphere. Play your favourite music, set the table with nice napkins and candles, and use freshly cut flowers or incense for an inviting smell. You might even want to dress up.

Christmas Day Activity Ideas

Plan your day ahead and make it special. Below are some suggestions:

  • Take a walk in the gardens or on the beach.
  • Watch your favourite movie or read a relaxing book.
  • Phone a long-lost friend or relative.
  • Volunteer to help others less fortunate – City Mission 03 365 0635 or volunteer@citymission.org.nz

However your day unfolds, remember it is only one day.

Happy cooking and Merry Christmas!

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