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A Challenge to other Facilities around New Zealand

Are we the only ones? Can anyone else match our special facility?

Here at Wendover Rest Home in Papanui Christchurch we think we have a special group of residents. However there are three in particular that make up this challenge.

Three of our residents are centenarians. Infact two of these residents (and they are all ladies) are 101 years old. They were born early in the 1900’s and spent their lives seeing more change than we can ever imagine.

Molly, who turned 100years old on Sunday reckons she’s lived so long because of her hard work and love of walking. She still goes for a walk in the fresh air at least three times a day. Only on the stormiest days does she stay in.

Leila 101 years has the staff in stitches, recently while being interviewed for a TV segment she hit on the camera man, (not surprising really, there is nothing wrong with her eyesight. ) Her daughter Bernice is constantly worried about what she will say next, but the care staff all think she’s a delight.

Iris our final 101 year old is a classical lady, always looking immaculate and with a very happy disposition.

We like to think it’s our dedicated care that means our residents have such great longevity but we probably only play a small part in the scheme of thing. So what do you say, are there any other facilities out there that can match this?


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