Soul Secrets review by Ruth + giveaway

Soul Secrets

Kelvin Cruickshank

Penguin Random House

RRP $19.99

New Zealand celebrity psychic medium Kelvin Cruickshank’s new book “Soul Secrets” is a collection of positive affirmations, reflections and thoughts of how to live a happy life no matt
er where on your journey you are and no matter what life has thrown at you.  In his introduction he states “Here it is in a nutshell: live a full, happy life, making the most of your journey. Love with every fibre of your being, and accept love in return. Grieve for those you have lost, heal and move on. Believe in the enduring love of the Creator and those who have passed into spirit. Learn all the lessons that this life has to offer. Forgive those who have wronged you – even if it means forgiving yourself. Love yourself – there’s only one you, and you are more special than you can ever know. And finally, move into the light and begin your journey in the afterlife without fear or regrets.”

His book covers the themes of live, love, grieve, believe, learn, forgive, love yourself and into the light. This is great book to pick up and just turn to a random page to see what words of inspiration Kelvin has for you or to go to a particular chapter themed on the type of inspiration you need or want at that moment. Although a lot of what was written was stuff I know from my own journey in life, it is good to have the reminder sometimes. However depending on where you are in life and what lessons you have learned along the way you could find some helpful words that either inspires you to live a happier life, heal a hurt or it might be what you needed to hear to learn a lesson that life has been trying to teach you.

If you find one of his quotes particularly resonates with you, you may want to write it down and put it beside your bedside table, attach it to your bathroom mirror or any other place that you will see it often so you can be reminded of that regularly throughout your day.

I really love inspiring quotes so I really enjoyed Kevin’s book. This book would also make an excellent present, although you may want to buy one for yourself as well.

From the publishers website:

‘Don’t underestimate the power of positive thoughts. Thinking positively really can change your reality.’

In this book, bestselling psychic medium Kelvin Cruickshank shares his views on how to live a full, happy life by making the most of your journey – even in times of loss. Covering key themes of love, grief, forgiveness and belief, Kelvin offers inspirational thoughts, quotes and reflections gathered from his own experiences in helping people to connect with spirit. Whether you’re seeking reassurance, comfort or motivation to help you on your road through life, you’ll find plenty in Kelvin’s words to inspire you.

About the author:

Born and raised in the Waikato, Kelvin Cruickshank exhibited psychic abilities from an early age. He could hear and feel spirits around him, but had no idea what it all meant. Today, he is a psychic medium with a gift and accuracy that is stunning to observe. In addition to his role on the popular investigative television series Sensing Murder, he has appeared twice on Colin Fry’s UK series 6ixth Sense. He is the author of five bestselling books Walking in Light, Bridging the Gap, Finding the Path, Inside the Medium and Taking the Journey. Kelvin runs sell-out workshops and events, and in his spare time he loves fishing, diving and listening to Pink Floyd.

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