Three-Layer Dessert

10 ways to boost fibre

With retail still subject to COVID-19 restrictions, you may find you are eating more processed and refined foods and less fibre. Fibre helps prevent constipation, gives you the best chance of having a regular, comfortable bowel habit and is a great ‘food’ for the microorganisms in our gut, keeping the gut healthy. Fibre also has a key role in preventing and managing type 2 diabetes. Here are some ideas from the Senior Chef team to make sure you are getting enough fibre.

1/ Start your day with a high-fibre breakfast cereal.

2/ Add fresh, stewed or dried fruit such as stewed prunes or a chopped kiwifruit to your breakfast.

3/ Choose wholemeal or wholegrain breads and crackers with at least 5g of fibre per 100g of food. Check the label on the box or packet.

4/ Add extra vegetables to soups and casseroles.

5/ Fill half your plate with vegetables before adding your starchy vegetables and protein.

6/ Add lentils or split peas to soups and casseroles.

7/ Enjoy vegetables and fruits with their skins on.

8/ Choose high-fibre snacks such as a small handful of nuts or a peanut butter sandwich.

9/ Try the bean and tomato salad from the Senior Chef cookbook.

10/ Finish your dinner with a piece of fruit or try your hand at a three-layer dessert.

Remember to take every opportunity to move your body – activity is good for your gut – and drink plenty of fluids to wash everything down.

Three-Layer Dessert

Using this three-step process, any number of delicious desserts can be made in minutes. The only limit is your imagination!

1/ Choose one of the following and pop in a serving dish:
Half a cup of yoghurt

OR half a cup of custard

OR half a cup of rice pudding

2/ Add one or a mixture of the following:
Half a cup of fresh/stewed/canned apricots, peaches, plums, apples, pears
OR half a cup of frozen berries or frozen mango
OR half a cup of stewed prunes

3/ For texture, add one or a mixture of the following:
1 tbsp of chopped nuts
OR 1 tbsp of toasted muesli
OR 1 tbsp of toasted seeds
OR 1 tbsp of toasted coconut thread
OR 1 tbsp of crumbled biscuits or meringue
OR 1 tbsp of dark chocolate

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