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Thank you for considering our service. To join Eldernet there is a small ‘one off’ set up fee and annual subscription. For details about these please contact

You may begin entering data about your service prior to receiving information about the subscription. By doing this you are under no obligation to take up the subscription. If on receiving information about the subscription you do not wish to proceed then your data will be cleared.

To begin the process you must fill out one or more forms depending on the services your facility offers, and the amount of detail you wish to record about each service.

You will start by completing a "Facility Record Form", which will ask very basic details about your facility, you will choose a username and password here. Once your facility record is complete you will be logged into your account and shown a "Service Records Page" where you may create service records for each of the services you require.

All service records are then submitted to an Eldernet editor for validation before becoming "Live" on the Eldernet website. At the same time Eldernet will confirm with you as to whether you want to proceed with the subscription.

When you are ready... create your facility record.

If you already have a facility record (username and password), and need to add a new service to your facility, you need to view your service records.