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Serious Complaint

Making a Serious Complaint

All consumers receiving a health and/or disability service in New Zealand are protected by The Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers’ Rights. (Short Form)
  • In the first instance take your complaint to the service provider. All providers should have complaint process that they should follow.
  • If you would like assistance to make a complaint, if it is not appropriate to take your complaint to the provider or you have made a complaint and are not satisfied with the outcome you can get assistance from an Advocate at the Health and Disability Commissioner’s office. They may also advise you of any other course of action you might take such as making a formal complaint to the Health and Disability Commissioner, referring you to your local District Health Board (DHB), the police (in the case of a criminal matter) etc.
Examples of serious complaints: Failure to provide an acceptable standard of wound care in a rest home, Breach of sexual boundaries following a professional relationship, Medication error resulting in serious consequences, Person left naked in lounge.