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RV - The Unit

  • Is the unit the right size and layout for you, taking into account any existing furniture that you may
  • wish to bring with you?
  • If there are call bells in the unit, are they in a useful place? Who monitors them? Are you charged for
  • ringing the bell?
  • Do you understand the emergency evacuation procedures for your unit?
  • Is there plenty of storage (internally and externally)?
  • Do you need a garage or carport? How accessible is it?
  • Do you or will you use a mobility scooter? If so where can this be kept?
  • Can you modify the unit in any way?
  • Is there a garden? Can you grow what you want to? Who will maintain it?
  • Is the unit and village set up to cater for those with a disability or for those who need support? (Think
  • about future-proofing.)
  • Is it clear who is responsible for maintaining the outside of your home?
  • Can you accommodate guests to stay overnight in your own unit, or elsewhere in the village?

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