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Retirement Villages


Here on the Eldernet site we show every Retirement (or Lifestyle) Village (RV) in New Zealand. You'll also find listings for other housing options such as 'village like' complexes operating under different ownership and governance structures and houses designed specifically for older people. Many of the listings have detailed information showing what services and facilities they can offer you.

There are lots of reasons for considering a move into a Retirement or Lifestyle Village and village living is really taking off in New Zealand. It’s likely that if this type of living appeals to you, you do your research well and consider all your options you may find it suits you too.

Retirement Villages (which are required to be registered) vary greatly and it pays to have a good look around those you are considering. We have a helpful checklist which you can download to help with making comparisons and deciding what criteria are most important for you. Buying into a Retirement Village, by law, requires you to get good legal advice. It’s also a good idea to talk to a professional about finances too. Take time to browse. 

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Changing the look of Aged Care

An Australian design firm ThomsonAdsett has just been ranked the No. 1 architect in the world for ‘Elderly Living’ by UK magazine Building Design. Their latest World Architecture 100 survey, which covers 1,400 practices around the world, also named ThomsonAdsett as ‘One to Watch’ for 2018...

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