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Residential Care

1. Please Read Eldernet's Disclaimer and Terms and Conditions Carefully Before Using This Site
2. What information can I get from this Internet site that I can not get elsewhere?
3. Why do people move into a care home i.e. residential care?
4. How many people live in care homes (rest homes/private hospitals etc)?
5. What is the process for going into a care home for long term care?
6. What are DHBs
7. What is an assessment and what happens when I have one?
8. What is service or care coordination?
9. How do I contact Needs Assessment & Service/Care Coordination (NASC)?
10. We don't agree with the assessment outcome. What can we do?
11. I have been told after my assessment I'll find out what level of care I need. What is a level of care?
12. Will I have to pay for my care?
13. I've got very mixed feelings about moving into residential care? Is this normal?
14. I know moving into care is going to mean some changes for me. What's going to make things as easy for me as possible? What can I really expect?
15. What are some guidelines for choosing an appropriate residence?
17. How do I know which facilities are certified and where can I get certification audit reports?
18. How do I make a complaint?
19. Do I have any rights when receiving services like this?
20. Tell me about caregiver stress?
21. I have been told that my relative, who I care for, requires dementia care. What does that mean? What do I need to do?
22. I feel awkward about visiting my relative in a dementia care home. How can I make it easier for us both?
23. We are considering residential care for Dad. We don't all agree. How can the family avoid 'falling out' about this?
24. Mum has to move into a resthome. How can the family help her to cope with the change and adjust to her new home?
25. I live in a rest home in small town. My daughter wants me to move to a rest home in the city. I don’t know what to do. If I transfer what needs to be done?
26. I live in a rest home. What happens if I want to go on holiday or need to go to hospital? Who pays for my room?
27. I live in a rest home. How is my care managed if my needs change?
28. Is this the end of my sex life?
29. Are there a minimum number of staff required for each level of Residential Care?
30. I'm on a subsidy. What does the subsidy cover?
31. I'm looking for a rest home and many places now seem to charge more than the subsidy; why is this?
32. What is the maximum I should pay for residential care? I’ve heard that it can vary. Can you comment?
33. I’m having trouble finding a rest home where I don’t have to pay extra charges. I heard there were some rules about this; what are they?
34. I need a subsidy to pay for my care. I live in a ‘Care Apartment’. With my changed circumstances how are the finances arranged?
35. I live in a small unit in a village and I pay regular service fees. I now need rest home care. Will I have to move out of my unit?
36. I’ve been looking for a rest home and I’ve just visited one where I was asked to buy the room I’m interested in. None of my friends who’ve moved into care have had to do this. What’s going on?
37. If I am living in a unit under an Occupational Right Agreement and have now become eligible to receive a Residential Care Subsidy. I have been assessed as requiring long term care and am able to remain in my unit. Should my unit service costs change?
38. I am thinking of transferring to another care facility. How can I do this?
39. Where can I find information about the New Zealand pension (National Superannuation)?
40. What are the current asset thresholds for the Residential Care Subsidy?
41. Where can I find government brochures on residential care?
42. Where can I get information specific to my region?
43. Give me a quick link to the National Contract for Aged Residential Care Services.
44. I’d like a quick link to a page on the Work and Income website that gives me comprehensive information about any extra financial help that may be available.
45. What is an Enduring Power of Attorney and why do I need one?
46. How should I own my family home?
47. How does the Property (Relationship) Act affect me?
48. What is a Life Interest Will?
49. How important is a current Will?
50. What can I do in a Will?
51. When do I need a new Will?
52. How does a Funeral Trust work?
53. What is a Trust?
54. Why Form A Trust?
55. What about Gift Duty?
56. What are the Trustees’ Duties and Obligations?
57. What does setting up a Trust cost?
58. I understand that Home Equity Release allows me to borrow against my home. Where can I find out about this?