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1. Please Read Eldernet's Disclaimer and Terms & Conditions Carefully Before Using This Site
2. I believe I have certain rights when receiving a health or disability service. What are these?
3. What is an Assessment?
4. What is service or care coordination?
5. Where is my nearest Needs Assessment Service Co-ordination (NASC) or Care Co-ordination agency?
6. Where can I find information about the New Zealand pension (National Superannuation)?
7. I'd like a good link to the WINZ website so I can find information about extra services I might be eligible for.
8. I value my independence and I want to maintain this for as long as possible. How can I do this?
9. What are some ideas for keeping physically active?
10. Where can I find more information about various health conditions?
11. What can I do to keep my mind active?
12. I feel quite flat and depressed most of the time. Is it normal to feel this way at my age?
13. I get lonely at times. How can I remain involved my community when it’s not so easy these days?
14. Part of my independence relies on my ability to keep driving. What do I need to know about safe driving?
15. I'm getting a mobility scooter. What do I need to know?
16. I have found that it is harder to recover from accidents as I age. How can I reduce hazards around the home?
17. What do I need to do to be prepared for emergency situations?
18. Being older and living alone has made me more security conscious. What are some good security measures?
19. I’m thinking of shifting. My family says the house is too big. What sort of things do I need to think about before doing this?
20. Can I get home help if I live with other people?
21. I think my mother needs to have more help at home but refuses it? I am concerned. What can I do?
22. What are Restorative Services - My mother’s supposed to be getting home help but when I went around the other day I found her doing the house work with the cleaner. I wasn’t impressed but was told this is the new way of doing things. Is that right?
23. I believe that some home support services are free. Is this so?
24. I’m having trouble with my home help person. He/She’s not doing a good job!
25. What financial assistance may be available?
26. I hear quite a bit about elder abuse. Can you tell me more about it?
27. I’m thinking of moving to a Retirement Village. What are the merits? What things do I need to think about?
28. I’m living in a serviced apartment and I really can’t look after myself anymore. I think that I really need care now. Will I have to move from my apartment?
29. What is involved in purchasing a unit in a Retirement Village?
30. What is an Enduring Power of Attorney and why do I need one?
31. How should I own my family home?
32. How does the Property (Relationship) Act affect me?
33. What is a Life Interest Will?
34. How important is a current Will?
35. What can I do in a Will?
36. When do I need a new Will?
37. How does a funeral trust work?
38. What is a Trust?
39. Why Form A Trust?
40. What are the Trustees’ Duties and Obligations?
41. What does setting up a Trust cost?
42. I understand that Home Equity Release allows me to borrow against my home. Where can I find out about this?