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Curves- Halswell

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Curves- Halswell
Strength & balance
Shop 4
29 Ensign Street
Christchurch 8025
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Kiri McKenzie - 0277032302
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Given the current COVID-19 environment we have temporarily disabled our ‘feedback’ feature. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Welcome to Curves Halswell! Fitness for all women

We have a special interest in the health and fitness of ladies of all shapes, ages, sizes and fitness levels. Curves Halswell is a boutique size non traditional gym specially designed for women. We offer an exercise programme that is enjoyable and safe.

Our workout is just 30 minutes and targets all the major muscle groups in the body using hydraulic resistance machines. Hydraulic resistance machines are easy to use and super safe. They are built to create resistance that responds to the user of the machine. As your strength improves, the resistance gently increases.

We have a curves coach on the circuit at all times for your support and guidance. We will be with you every step of the way to keep you motivated and ensure you get the very best from your Curves workouts.

We can work with you regardless of your age and fitness level and will support you to be the best version of you!

All of this in a non intimidating environment. We are very different to conventional gyms, come and see why.
"Love this gym. Going back to exercise after 16 years. Friendly staff but not too pushy. Joanne (coach) was awesome and really motivated me, she really enjoys her work. I like the exercise machines- no changing weights, height etc, just get on and go. You work the hydraulics to suit you. Great vibe and lots of happy ladies" Julie Atkinson

"There are many good reasons why I so readily recommend Curves.
It's an effective workout and only takes 30 minutes
The 'working out' is resistance based, so no lifting of weights, which makes me feel safe.
The instructors are dedicated and professional
The culture is friendly, inclusive and nonthreatening.
It gives me a good base level of fitness, strength, flexibility and balance.
I had injuries prior to starting at Curves, and the workout has helped hugely in the recovery process, and has improved my dancing.
I am approaching 60years. Going forward I think the workout at Curves is a really good health investment"
Updated: 25 Jul 2022
Suburbs/Districts/Towns Serviced
Suburbs/Districts/Towns Serviced
We are located in Halswell, Christchurch and welcome members from all over Christchurch.

We also offer an online programme if the distance is too far for you. Please feel free to phone us to discuss this option.
Updated: 25 Jul 2022
Meeting the needs of older people
Meeting the needs of older people
Curves Halswell is owned by an experienced health professional with 25 plus years expertise in Older Persons Health. Having worked as a Registered Nurse and Manager in aged care facilities and retirement villages across both New Zealand and Australia, it is exciting and rewarding to work in an environment that places an emphasis on staying well and fit to support a quality of life that enables longevity.
We are inspired every day here at Curves Halswell by women in their 60's, 70's and 80's who show up each week taking positive steps to look after their wellbeing.
Small Changes our members see and experience are walking longer becomes easier, lifting and carrying requires less strain, sense of wellbeing improves, more endurance and greater balance!
Updated: 26 Jul 2022
Payment Status Details
SuperGold Card Discount Yes Our gold card membership fee is $89/month. This includes a 10% discount for super gold card members.
Updated: 25 Jul 2022
After Hours
After Hours
After Hours Status Details
After Hours Yes Opening hours are Mon-Thurs 615am-2pm and 330pm-7pm Friday 615am-2pm and 330pm-530pm Saturday 8am-1130am Sunday 8am-10am
Updated: 25 Jul 2022