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Vein and Laser - Professional Services

12 hours ago - Auckland

Healthy summer legs

As we approach spring and look to expose our legs again, it is a good time now to examine the legs for any varicose veins or spider veins that have developed or worsened over the winter months.Vascular surgery has undergone a major paradigm shift of the past years from open surgical techniques to minimally invasive techniques--so-called endovascular surgery.Vascular surgery has undergone a major paradigm shift of the past years from open surgical techniques to minimally invasive techniques--so-called endovascular surgery.

News, Perspectives, Aug 28, 2007


Varicose veins and telangiectasia (spider veins) are the visible surface manifestations of an underlying problem with reverse venous flow, which is also termed venous insufficiency. Mild forms of venous insufficiency are merely uncomfortable, annoying, or cosmetically disfiguring, but severe venous disease can lead to:

  • chronic venous ulcers that can be very difficult to treat
  • bleeding from friable varicose veins
  • clots, phlebitis and deep vein thrombosis

Common Symptoms include

  • Pain or tenderness along the vein
  • Itching or burning sensations
  • Restless legs
  • Night cramps
  • Swelling
  • Skin rash/eczema


Approximately 23% of adults have varicose veins. This figure rises to 80% for men and 85% for women if spider telangiectasias are included.

The prevalence of venous disease is higher in Westernized and industrialized countries, most likely due to alterations in lifestyle and activity.

Because of hormonal factors, varicosities and telangiectasia are more common in women than in men at any age. 


Diagnosis and treatment

Duplex ultrasonography (ultrasound scan) is the standard test for diagnosis and assessment of varicose veins and for treatment planning.

Modern techniques used to treat varicosities

  • Sclerotherapy Injections. A medication is injected to seal the varicose vein so that it shrinks away.
  • Laser ablation or Radiofrequency (RF). A laser fiber is inserted in the varicose vein to cauterize the vein.
  • Ligation of the saphenofemoral junction with vein stripping. Surgery is necessary to remove more advanced/severe varicose veins.


No oral or topical medications are of proven efficacy for venous disease. Several over-the-counter preparations make claims of efficacy, but prospective trials have not supported the use of any of these agents.


Post vein treatment

Most practitioners recommend the use of gradient compression stockings after treatment of spider veins as well as after treatment of varicose veins. The patient is instructed to maintain or increase his or her normal activity level.

The Aberdeen Questionnaire (which is a valid measure of quality of life for patients with varicose veins) shows that persons with varicose veins have a reduced quality of life compared with the general population and that this discrepancy is significantly improved at 6 weeks by having the varicose veins treated.



HBH Senior Living - Retirement Villages ('Purchase')

1 day ago - Auckland

Howick’s only boutique retirement village, HBH Senior Living, has two apartments available for sale at 139 Union Road, Howick. Well-positioned, both apartments enjoy an open plan living space that flows to a modern kitchen with quality appliances and ample storage. The master bedroom has easy access to a well-designed disability-friendly bathroom. Situated on the top floor, both apartments have a balcony and enjoy the afternoon sun. 139 on Union offers a close community of 42 apartments with an emphasis on friendship, care and support. With Rest Home and Hospital level care and a Day Programme on site you can have the best of both worlds: the freedom to live independently and the reassurance that help is on hand should you need it.

HBH Senior Living - Hospital Care

1 day ago - Auckland

HBH Senior Living’s fully licensed, 97-bed hospital is designed for those who require a high level of medical care and support. We also cater for people with dementia or cognitive decline. Our qualified and dedicated staff combines Christian compassion with the highest standards of nursing care and we’re proud to have earned the highest level of certification from the Ministry of Health.

Rooms are larger than most (average 17 metres square and most include a full ensuite), and residents are encouraged to bring as much of their own furniture and belongings as possible to make their room more homely.  Some rooms open onto a deck or patio and all rooms have a built-in wardrobe, vanity and storage and are pre-wired for Sky, phone and Internet. All hospital rooms come with a TV. Each of the four units has its own dining room, lounges/activity rooms and sitting area.

HBH Senior Living is a member of the Eden Alternative, a philosophy of care based on helping older people to have a life of purpose, meaning and variety.


HBH Senior Living - Rest Home Care

1 day ago - Auckland

HBH Senior Living offers a dedicated, 32-bed Rest Home for those who need a little more assistance with daily living. Our Rest Home has been awarded four years certification (the highest level of certification available) from the Ministry of Health.

Rooms are larger than most (17 metres square with a full ensuite), so there is plenty of space to bring the things you treasure. All rooms have a built-in wardrobe, vanity and storage and are pre-wired for Sky, phone and Internet. And every room opens onto a deck or patio.
There are also three communal lounges (with Wifi available), as well as a large dining room and activities space.

Meals, activities and personal care are provided and support and medical care is on hand 24/7.

HBH Senior Living is a member of the Eden Alternative, a philosophy of care based on helping older people to have a life of purpose, meaning and variety.


Eldernet Showcase - Dental

1 day ago - TEST SITE ONLY

Have you been putting off getting that tooth looked at or your dentures repaired?

Well we can help!

Did you know that we list a variety of Dental and Denture providers all over New Zealand? Check out our Dental listings here on Eldernet.

Torbay Rest Home - Rest Home Care

2 days ago - Auckland

Torbay Resthome has standard rooms including own toilet with no premium charges now available for rest home level care use.  

SuperCue Seniors - Professional Services

7 days ago - Napier

SuperCue Seniors - an in-home exercise programme that could change your life - NOW AVAILABLE ON DVD!

SuperCue Seniors, the specialists in exercise for older adults, have just released their new DVD featuring a full body workout with both level 1 and level 2 options plus 20-minute express workout. 

The programmes are physiotherapist approved and focus on quality movement, so you'll feel safe and know you are exercising correctly.

There are options for both seated and standing, and being fully choreographed with fun music, there's no reason not to get your body moving!

Perfect for the individual at home or for a rest home or retirement village.  TO ORDER go to SuperCue Shop 

If you are an organisation that would like to stock our DVD, please get in touch with Marya Hopman marya@supercue.nz or phone 021 452172.


Hoon Hay House Dementia - Dementia Care (Secure)

8 days ago - Christchurch

At Hoon Hay House we offer an unique opportunity to enjoy all the comforts of our Ladies only unit. 




Camellia Court Rest Home - Dementia Care (Secure) (CAMELLIA COURT)

8 days ago - Christchurch

Camellia court offers a lovely facility in Papanui with Outdoor area for the residents

Albarosa Rest Home - Dementia Care (Secure) (Albarosa North and South Wings)

8 days ago - Christchurch

We have a vacancy in the ladies only wing of a large room. We are open to visitors to view - please contact the Manager to arrange a time.

Golden Age Rest Home - Retirement Villages ('Purchase') (Retirement Village)

8 days ago - Christchurch

All Villas in excellent order and come with all whiteware and garage 

Golden Age Rest Home - Rest Home Care (Rest Home)

8 days ago - Christchurch

Golden Age is a very modern 54 bed purpose built facility. This very attractive and spacious rest home is based in the north west of Christchurch.   For rest home beds contact the Manger of the rest home, for Villa information contact the General Manager, David Sidaway.


Bloom Living Manurewa East Freehold Retirement - Retirement Villages ('Purchase')

8 days ago - Auckland

Show Homes Open: Wednesday and Thursday 10 am-12 pm, 20 Alfriston Road, Manurewa. Parking available onsite in visitors carpark. You can also experience a virtual tour of our apartments here: https://youtu.be/621L0v-YVXI 

Contact Marisa Johnstone for more information or to book a private appointment: 021 991 805

Elmwood Rest Home & Village - Rest Home Care

9 days ago - Auckland

We have what is called the "walking bus", we take residents outside with our staff and go for featured walks around the village so they can see the joy of the gardens and trees.  Enjoying the sunshine as much as possible. Fantastic van trips to all sorts of places for example: picnics, at the beach, garden adventures, toy factory visits, along with this we have pet visits yes including a pony such joy this brings to our residents.

Brookhaven - Retirement Villages ('Purchase') (Retirement Village)

10 days ago - Christchurch

We currently have 1 Villa available which is well positioned in the area

Brookhaven - Rest Home Care (Radley, Rutherford, and Estuary Wings)

10 days ago - Christchurch

Brookhaven Resthome has buffet breakfast. This allows our residents to have more choice and independence.


Bloom Living Manurewa East Freehold Retirement - Retirement Villages (Rental)

11 days ago - Auckland

Bloom Manurewa East Over 55's Apartments: Brand new 2 bedroom apartments available for rent. Contact Jacque O'Connor today for more information. Ph: 027 6049231 Email: jacque_oconnor@raywhite.com

Roseridge Rest Home Henderson - Rest Home Care

16 days ago - Auckland

Welcome to join us with Happy hour on this Friday.

Country Club Huapai - Retirement Villages ('Purchase')

22 days ago - Huapai

The new 1 & 2 bedroom apartment Show Homes are now open and ready to view.  Open Monday to Saturday 10am to 2pm

Sort Out Service - Downsizing and Relocation

24 days ago - Wellington Area


We are friendly and professional home organisers who provide downsizing, decluttering and estate clearance services in the greater Wellington area.  We're here to help people who don't have the time, strength or support to get these jobs done.  These jobs can be hard to start, so we offer a non-judgemental, personalised service to help you get them underway and completed.  That frees you up to do whatever you have to do next.

Call 021 227 3345 for a FREE, half hour consultation. 

To find out more visit www.sortoutservice.co.nz




Third Age Solutions limited - Home Help and Personal Care/Assistance

28 days ago - Wellington

At Third Age Solutions Limited we are delighted to be joining eldernet!

Bev is the founding director and is familiar with the types of challenges faced by seniors. This can also place a lot of stress on families who often live out of town and have their own responsibilities to cope with, or friends and neighbours who become concerned at seeing a decline in their friend's abilities. 

Bev's organisational skills come into their own when there are challenges to be worked through. She has a calm and friendly approach, and can be trusted to keep your best interests at heart. She is part of the 'sandwich generation' with an elderly father, adult children and a new grandchild who was born during lock-down!

We look forward to keeping you updated on the services most needed and how we can help.


Auckland Health Services - Equipment and Products

28 days ago - Auckland

Auckland Health Services - the right equipment at the right time.

Auckland Health Services (AHS) are here to meet your medical and rehabilitation equipment hire requirements with our extensive range of high quality healthcare equipment. Our team, renowned for their exceptional customer service, are here to help you.  We work with you to ensure your equipment is delivered and collected at a time agreed with you.  We also offer a contactless service for those who require this.  Contact our friendly and approachable team to find out more on 021 187 4916.