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Eldernet Availability Report - RETIREMENT AND LIFESTYLE VILLAGES - Bay of Plenty

Date of printing 18-06-2019
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Studio 1 bedroom 2 bedroom 3 bedroom Additional information
Copper Crest Retirement Village Detailed Information Available
52 Condor Dr
Pyes Pa
07 5786245

Manager: Nick Page
Agent: Sarah
UP No         Villa 137 Resale, Forrestor 156.5m2 duplex villa with all day sun and a lovely outlook over the valley. 5.8 x 5.2m large single garage. 2 bedroom, 2 bathrooms, 2.7m high studs and plenty of space. Please phone 07 5786245 to view this amazing villa. May 22 2019, 12:12pm
The Vines at Bethlehem Detailed Information Available
143 Moffat Road
07 578 0525

Manager: Stuart Cheeseman
UP No         All villas' are two or three bedroom. Two bedroom villas are either single or double garage. Three bedroom villas' have a double garage and two bathrooms. Stage three and four are now selling. Great deal until 1st May 2019 - if you sign up before 1st July on a villa in Stage 2 or 3, we give you a $10,000 bonus to use at your discretion! Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity.   Jun 06 2019, 9:25am
Bayswater - Metlifecare Retirement Village Detailed Information Available
60 Maranui Street
Mt Maunganui
(07) 575 5040

Manager: Dave Hayes
Agent: Elizabeth Symes (Sales Executive)
UP Yes   Yes Yes   Affordable Luxury Independent Apartments, suitable for a couple. Large living and bedrooms with a lovely sunny outlook. Decks and patios looking over our newly developed garden park. One, Two and Three bedroom villas come up periodically. They have a lovely outlook, room to garden and suitable for a pet. Freshly refurbished with two toilets and easy access to amenities in the 'VILLAGE OF YEAR' BAYSWATER VILLAGE. We have villa and apartments coming up all the time so its great to come for a visit and see what you like and then when the next availability comes along you are ready to make a decision.   Jun 06 2019, 9:13am
Greenwood Park - Metlifecare Retirement Village Detailed Information Available
10 Welcome Bay Road
Welcome Bay
(07) 544 7500
(07) 544 7542

Manager: Charlie Vague
Agent: Jamie Sparrow, Sales Executive
UP Yes Yes   Yes   2 bedroom apartment available 1 bedroom apartment available May 23 2019, 8:13am
Ocean Shores Village Detailed Information Available
80 Maranui St
Mt Maunganui
(07) 547 4240
(07) 547 4241

Manager: Sandy Quigley
Agent: Maree McLaren
UP Yes   Yes Yes Yes Please enquire as to current availability Jun 13 2019, 10:34am
Peria House Ltd Detailed Information Available
43 Richard Street
(07) 315 6444

Manager: Shelley Kerr
Agent: Shelley Manager
RH, UP, UR Yes   Yes Yes   At present we have one one bedroom villa and one two bedroom villa for SALE. Jun 13 2019, 9:00am
The Avenues - Metlifecare Retirement Village Detailed Information Available
10 Tenth Avenue
(07) 571 0400
(07) 5714889

Manager: Lynn Moffat
Agent: Jamie Sparrow
UP Yes   Yes Yes Yes   Jun 06 2019, 10:44am
The Bayview Detailed Information Available
163 Waihi Road
(07) 578 6006
(07) 578 2496

Manager: Anna Gildenhuys
Agent: Linda Wood
RH, H, UP, RCS Yes Yes       There is currently one large 2 bedroom Villa with views of the harbour, open plan living, internal garage access, heat pump, Alfresco area, and loads of storage for sale for $579,000.   Jun 07 2019, 3:00pm
Bupa Mary Shapley Retirement Village, Whakatane Detailed Information Available
4 Spence Lane
07 308 5457
07 308 0950

Manager: Janine Cornes
Agent: Janine Cornes Interim Village Manager
UP, RH, H No   No No     Jun 13 2019, 9:38am
Hodgson House Lifecare Detailed Information Available
51 Botanical Road
(07) 578 4846
(07) 578 4943

Manager: Marion Garfitt
Agent: Marion Garfitt (Facility and Village Manager)
RH, H, UP No No No No     Jun 14 2019, 8:49am
Althorp Village Ltd Detailed Information Available
9 Grantston Drive
Pyes Pa
(07) 543 4008 or 0800 103456

Manager: Claire Keen
Agent: Claire Keen
UP Yes   No Yes No The Garden Apartments. Beautifully appointed Garden Apt M is now available. 2 bedroom , 2 bathroom this spacious apartment is 102.5 sq mts, north facing and very sunny it has a modern with open plan living, dining and kitchen. It is directly across from The Lodge and all activities, has secure parking and lots of storage. Available now at $630,000 this apartment comes with a brand new washing machine and dryer. Jun 06 2019, 1:57pm
Bob Owens Retirement Village Detailed Information Available
112 Carmichael Road
07 579 3041
07 579 3051

Manager: Jan Corbett
Agent: Jan Corbett
UP, RH, DM, H, RCS Yes   Yes Yes No For those interested in the village we operate a waiting list. Please contact Jan Corbett on 5792519 if you are interested in adding your name to the current waitlist.   Jun 13 2019, 2:20pm
Bupa Accadia Retirement Village, Tauranga Detailed Information Available
101 Edgecumbe Road
(07) 927 7303

Manager: Jan Davies
UP, RH Yes No Yes Yes Yes 2 x One bedroom apartments priced from $216,000 to $257,000.   Jun 13 2019, 1:36pm
Bupa Cedar Manor Retirement Village, Tauranga Detailed Information Available
30 Sixth Avenue
(07) 579 7660
(07) 578 8345

Manager: Debbie Bryant
Agent: Debbie Bryant
UP, RH, DM, H Yes Yes Yes Yes       Jun 13 2019, 10:30am
Bupa Te Puke Country Lodge Village Detailed Information Available
1 No. 1 Road, Te Puke 3119
Te Puke
(07) 573 9986

Manager: Brenda Littlejohn
UP, RH, H Yes   Yes No   One bedroom sunny apartment available. All modern appliances and fully self contained. Recently upgraded. Priced at $250,000.00   Jun 06 2019, 8:25am
Matua Lifecare Village Detailed Information Available
124 Levers Road
07 570 1425
07 570 1427

Manager: Bob Wooller
Agent: Bob Wooller
UP, RCS Yes No Yes Yes   Cottages (1 & 2 bedrooms) available from $390,000 Apartments (1 bedroom) available from $210,000 Apartments (2 bedroom) available from $370,000 Apartment (3 bedroom) available from $460,000   Jun 13 2019, 9:00am
Somervale - Metlifecare Retirement Village Detailed Information Available
33 Gloucester Road
Mt Maunganui
(07) 572 9020
(07) 572 9092

Manager: Rhonda Howie
Agent: Elizabeth Symes
UP, RH, H, RCS Yes   Yes Yes   Brand new Deluxe Serviced Apartments with tailored support service packages. Selling fast only1 left. Enquire today. Jun 06 2019, 9:13am
Bethlehem Country Club Detailed Information Available
111 Carmichael Road
0800 88 77 79
Bethlehem Shores Detailed Information Available
141 Bethlehem Road
0800 88 77 79
Bupa Greerton Gardens Retirement Village, Tauranga Detailed Information Available
45 Greerton Road
07 579 4972

Manager: Judith Gilmore
Agent: Judith Gilmore
UP               Jul 05 2018, 11:16am
Bupa Greerton Oaks Detailed Information Available
108 Greerton Road
07 579 4972

Manager: Judith Gilmore
Agent: Judith Gilmore
UP               Jul 05 2018, 11:58am
Carter House Lifecare Detailed Information Available
69 Moehau Street
Te Puke
(07) 573 7317
(07) 573 6034

Manager: Carolyn Gilmour
Agent: Mary McDonald (Manager)
RH, DM, H, UP             Dec 06 2018, 8:06am
Oakland Lodge Apartments Detailed Information Available
125 Fourteenth Ave
(07) 579 5420
(07) 578 2257

Manager: Lesley Sparke
Agent: Bridget Buchan
UP, RH, H             Apr 04 2019, 10:08am
Omokoroa Country Estate Detailed Information Available
5 Anderley Ave
(07) 548 1100
Pacific Coast Village Detailed Information Available
210 Maranui Street
Mt Maunganui
(07) 572 3029

Manager: Carl Braddock
UP               Oct 30 2018, 11:05am
Pacific Lakes Village Detailed Information Available
242 Grenada Street
Mount Maunganui
07 2620191
Papamoa Beach Village - Metlifecare Lifestyle Village Detailed Information Available
2 Te Okuroa Drive
(07) 542 1933

Manager: Deborah Naysmith
Agent: Jennifer Helps (Sales Executive)
UP             May 16 2019, 5:24pm
Summerset by the Sea (Katikati) Detailed Information Available
181 Park Road
0800 334 404
RH, H, UP, RCS             Feb 28 2019, 8:39am
Carmel Country Estate Retirement Village
11 Hollister Lane
(07) 544 5553
Manager: Jason & Sharlene Rowling
Agent: Jason & Sharlene Rowling
UP               Mar 15 2012, 9:58am
Golden Pond Lifecare
47 Bracken Street
(07) 307 0165
Manager: Kathryn McKay
Agent: Kathryn McKay
UP               Aug 07 2014, 11:07am
Kempton Park Lifestyle Village
40 Te Paeroa Road
07 5713600
Mitchell Court
228c Levers Road
(07) 576 1899
(07) 576 1879
RH, UP, SL                
Mountain View Home & Hospital
192 - 202 River Rd
(07) 323 9392
(07) 323 9391

Manager: Jeanette Crook RN
RH, H, UP, UR               May 02 2019, 9:49am
Papamoa Sands - A Freedom Lifestyle Village
61 Golden Sands Drive
0800 683 750
Woodlands Boutique Village
30 Carmichael Road
(07) 576 8874
Services Key:
RHRest Home Care
DMDementia Care
SHSpecialist Hospital Care
RCSResidential Care Suites
SLSupported Living (Boarding)
UPRetirement Villages Purchase
URRetirement Villages Rental
Detailed Information AvailableDetailed Information Available