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ElderNet Availability Report - RETIREMENT AND LIFESTYLE VILLAGES - Canterbury Date of printing 14-12-2018
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Studio 1 bedroom 2 bedroom 3 bedroom Additional information
Bupa Parkstone Retirement Village Detailed Information Available
2 Athol Terrace
03 341 1273

Manager: Kathy Reece
UP, RH, H No         At Parkstone Retirement Village, we currently have a range of brand new one and two bedroom apartments available, priced from $335,000 to $465,000. Call Kathy on 03 341 1273 to book an appointment to view. Dec 06 2018, 8:07am
The Village Palms Detailed Information Available
31 Shirley Road
Christchurch 8013
08008438455, 03 595 5203
RH, H, UP, RCS No         Opening 30th November, we are pleased to take enquiries on availability.   Dec 13 2018, 10:07am
Anthony Wilding Retirement Village Detailed Information Available
5 Corbett Crescent
Halswell (Aidanfield)
03 338 5820
03 338 5825

Manager: Sharon Armstrong
Agent: Claire Poulsen
UP, RH, DM, H, RCS Yes Yes       Lovely sunny two bedroom townhouse. New resident will get to pick drapes. Freshly painted, with new kitchen and surrounded by lovely gardens.   Dec 13 2018, 8:46am
Bupa Cashmere View Retirement Village, Christchurch Detailed Information Available
72 Rose Street
Lower Cashmere
(03) 373-8591
(03) 332 5373

Manager: Rochelle Moore
Agent: Rochelle Moore
UP, RH Yes   Yes Yes       Dec 13 2018, 8:07am
Charles Upham Retirement Village Detailed Information Available
24 Charles Upham Drive
03 310 8600

Manager: Rachel Garrard
Agent: Wendy Kappler and Chris Ashton
RH, DM, H, UP, RCS Yes   Yes Yes       Dec 06 2018, 11:18am
Edith Cavell Lifecare Detailed Information Available
Cnr Head and Dryden Streets
Sumner-Redcliffs-Mt Pleasant
(03) 326 6608
(03) 326 5335

Manager: Anne Sheard
Agent: Sharryn Pidgeon (Village Manager)
RH, H, UP, RCS Yes Yes Yes Yes   Our rest home offers superior spacious rooms, studios or apartments. Looking for a home with classical features and optional hospital care ph Facility Manager Anne Sheard 03 326 6608 or the Village Sales Manager Sharryn Pidgeon 0272085515   Dec 13 2018, 9:10am
Fendalton Detailed Information Available
73 Bryndwr Road
(03) 351 5979
(03) 351 5982

Manager: Sally Leadley
RH, UP, RCS Yes Yes Yes Yes   Currently we have a serviced care suite/ studio for immediate occupancy. To view please phone Donna 021-2419979 Dec 13 2018, 9:12am
Golden Age Rest Home Detailed Information Available
96 Harewood Road Papanui
(03) 375 0720
(03) 375 0726

Manager: Rest Home - Adrienne Herbert
Agent: Jan Ward Village Manager Golden Age Retirement Village
RH, UP Yes     Yes   We can put you on our waiting list   Dec 13 2018, 8:14am
Ilam Retirement & Care Arvida Detailed Information Available
28 Ilam Road
(03) 348 5305
(03) 348 5293

Manager: Maurice David
RH, DM, H, UP, RCS Yes Yes Yes     1x Studio's 1x Apartment   Dec 13 2018, 9:22am
Lady Wigram Retirement Village Detailed Information Available
210 Kittyhawk Avenue
03 341 0543

Manager: Olivia Cleave
Agent: Sarah Jacobson Village Manager
UP Yes     Yes   Currently selling stage 2 villas. All villas in stage 1 have been sold. Dec 06 2018, 11:20am
Linrose Village Ltd Detailed Information Available
472 Linwood Ave
(03) 943-6006
(03) 332-7189

Manager: Graeme Mitchell
Agent: Archer Staff will happily show you this villa. Please contact Archer to make an appointment for viewing.
UP, RH Yes     Yes   We currently have a villa available.. It is a lovely 2-bedroom villa with walk-in garage and beautiful sunny outlook to the landscaped property. Dec 13 2018, 9:09am
Maryville Courts Retirement Village Detailed Information Available
155 Salisbury Street
(03) 379 0357
(03) 379 1156

Manager: Suzanne Reynen
Agent: Suzanne Reynen, Manager
UP Yes     Yes   We currently have a 2-bedroom villa available, which has been beautifully refurbished in neutral tones.   Dec 14 2018, 11:05am
Nazareth Community of Care Detailed Information Available
220 Brougham St
Christchurch 8023
03 374 1900
03 365 2113

Manager: Mirinda Robertson
Agent: Sister Marie
RH, H, UP Yes     Yes   Unfortunately there are no 3 bedroom villas available at the moment. Two 2 bedrooms are immediately available; the interior of the villas are tasteful with a floor square meters between 122m2 and 126m2 Nov 23 2018, 3:22pm
Palm Grove Rest Home and Village Detailed Information Available
108 Marshland Road
(03) 375 7033
(03) 375 7032

Manager: Sandy Washington
Agent: Sandy Washington
RH, H, UP, RCS Yes     Yes       Dec 13 2018, 8:53am
Pompallier House Detailed Information Available
Rue Viard
(03) 304 7396
(03) 304 7396

Manager: Alison Gallagher Nurse/Manager
Agent: Sandra Innes Operations Manager
RH, UP Yes     Yes   We currently have a Villa for sale under "Licence to Occupy". Two bedroom Villa currently undergoing extensive interior renovation. Will be available end of October. Car parking available. Quiet unit away from traffic noise.   Dec 13 2018, 8:28am
Rhodes on Cashmere Detailed Information Available
5 Overdale Drive, Cashmere
03 332 3240
03 337 3542

Manager: Michaela Booster-Fischer
Agent: Michaela Booster-Fischer Village Manager or Jude Hunt Sales Manager
UP Yes   Yes Yes   Limited availability of 1 and 2 bedroom apartments now. Call Jude Hunt, 021 227 1776, to arrange a viewing. Waitlist applications now also being accepted. Dec 06 2018, 11:24am
St Albans Retirement Village Detailed Information Available
41 Caledonian Road
St Albans

Manager: Symone Bruhns
Agent: Claire O'Connell
RH, H, UP, UR, RCS Yes Yes Yes     Our apartments are warm, spacious and newly refurbished. We offer a friendly family-style atmosphere. The village is close to central city and on fantastic bus routes.   Dec 13 2018, 8:24am
Summerset on Cavendish (Casebrook, Christchurch) Detailed Information Available
147 Cavendish Road, Casebrook
0800 334 404
UP Yes     Yes Yes A range of homes in our modern new villas are selling now. Dec 06 2018, 12:24pm
The Oaks Detailed Information Available
88 Main South Road (Entrance 9 Colman Avenue)
Upper Riccarton
(03) 348 2998
(03) 348 2910

Agent: Judy Port
RH, H, UP, RCS Yes     Yes     Nov 29 2018, 8:43am
Thorrington Village Detailed Information Available
51 Birdwood Avenue
(03) 982 1480
(03) 332 0659

Manager: Andrew Hoggan
Agent: Sue Dishington Sales Manager
RH, DM, UP, RCS Yes Yes Yes Yes   Two bedroom villa now available This Villa has 2-bedrooms and a garage or carport option. The main entrance opens into an expansive lounge that gets morning sun. The kitchen adjoins the Lounge. The main bedroom attracts the morning sun We also have a lovely sunny one bedroom villa available. Dec 13 2018, 9:23am
WINDSORCARE Village Detailed Information Available
1 Horseshoe Lake Rd
03) 385 3179
(03) 385 8176

Manager: Warren Smith
Agent: Warren Smith
RH, DM, H, UP Yes     Yes   49 town houses   Dec 13 2018, 9:12am
Amberley Resthome & Retirement Studios Detailed Information Available
1 Hilton Drive
(03) 314 9250
(03) 314 8394

Manager: Tracey Dimmock-Rump
Agent: Tracey Dimmock-Rump
RH, UP, RCS No No       Our well appointed studios open out to their own courtyard that overlook our beautiful gardens. Call Tracey for a viewing anytime. 03 314 9250 / 027 471 4161. Dec 13 2018, 10:06am
Bishopspark Detailed Information Available
24 Dorset Street
(03) 977 2320
(03) 977 2322

Manager: Cath Swain
Agent: Cath Swain: Facility Manager
RH, UP, RCS No No No No   Enquiries welcome Dec 06 2018, 9:19am
Brookhaven Detailed Information Available
29 Alport Place
Christchurch 8023
(03) 384 5046
(03) 384 5046

Manager: Greg Perkinson / Assistant Manager Karen Bowler
Agent: Jan Ward Village Manager Brookhaven Retirement Village
RH, DM, UP No No       1 x 2 bedroom villa available Dec 13 2018, 8:59am
Eldernet Showcase Detailed Information Available
(12) 345 6789

Manager: Name of the person who is the 1st point of contact
Agent: Eldernet
RH, DM, H, SH, UP, UR, HS, SL, RCS No No       Not available Dec 13 2018, 10:27am
Fitzgerald Complex Detailed Information Available
437 Armagh Street
(03) 9822 165 ext 3
(03) 9822 164

Manager: Chris Webster
Agent: Chris Webster, Facility Manager
RH, DM, H, UP No   No No   A friendly community of 29 spacious apartments. Each with nurse call button, underfloor heating, smoke alarm and sprinkler. Shared community lounge, vegetable garden and laundry facilities. Rest home and hospital all onsite. Dec 13 2018, 8:36am
Kaiapoi Lodge Detailed Information Available
6 Cass Street, (Cnr Smith & Cass St)
(03) 327 7235
(03) 327 7297

Manager: Nicky Heppelthwaite
RH, H, UP, RCS No     No       Dec 13 2018, 9:15am
St Stephens Close Detailed Information Available
19 Tancred Street

Manager: Jenny Gill
Agent: Jenny Gill
UP No   No No       Dec 06 2018, 1:17pm
Woodcote Detailed Information Available
29 Woodcote Ave
Hornby 8042
(03) 349 8788
(03) 349 5654

Manager: Liz Hampton
Agent: Claire Poulsen
UP, RH, RCS No No   No   Dec 13 2018, 8:47am
Alpine View Lifestyle Village Detailed Information Available
448 Prestons Rd
(03) 383 1333
UP, RH, H, RCS Yes   Yes Yes Yes Our current availability includes new build and pre-owned house options, which are available for independent living or as a serviced house option. We are in our last stage of development so these opportunities won't be around for long - book your tour of our show homes and facilities now by calling 03 383 1333 Also available now is a Deluxe 60m2 Apartment located in the Alpine View Lodge at the heart of Alpine View Lifestyle Village. This serviced apartment includes a full individual kitchen and cooking facilities. We can also provide you with a comprehensive range of meal service options. The apartments are equipped with individual laundry facilities, although laundry can be done for you if required. Sprinkler systems and smoke alarms are in all of our apartments as well as well positioned nurse call bells. Our serviced apartments provide direct access to the lodge facilities including restaurant, medical centre, cafe, bar, cinema, library, billiards table, hair salon, gym, swimming pool and spa. We would love to show you around our Village and facilities, to include a complimentary lunch or dinner in our restaurant. Nov 26 2018, 4:00pm
Archer Village Ltd Detailed Information Available
166 Colombo St
(03) 943-6006
(03) 332 7189

Manager: Graeme Mitchell
Agent: Mrs Sue Dishington - Sales Manager
RH, UP Yes   No Yes     Dec 13 2018, 9:10am
Bainswood House Detailed Information Available
191 King St
(03) 313 5905
(03) 313 8275

Manager: Jeff Evans
Agent: Sharon or Jeff Evans No agent
RH, UP, RCS Yes No Yes No       Dec 13 2018, 9:02am
Bupa Ballarat Retirement Village Detailed Information Available
21 Ballarat Road
(03) 373 8595

Manager: Andrea Allott
Agent: Andrea Allott
UP, RH, DM, H Yes   No Yes   We currently have a smaller 2 bed villa available, its priced at a very reasonable $340,000.00. Worth comming to view. Dec 13 2018, 8:54am
Coldstream Lifecare Detailed Information Available
71 Park Street
Ashburton 7700
(03) 308 8020
(03) 308 8052

Manager: Merryn Jones
Agent: Merryn Jones (Facility Manager)
RH, H, UP Yes   Yes No   Retirement living right in the heart of Ashburton. Our village resident enjoy being able to walk to the shops, library and churches. Maintain your independence whilst living in a retirement village environment. Dec 11 2018, 1:43pm
Diana Isaac Retirement Village Detailed Information Available
1 Lady Isaac Way
03 386 3018
03 386 3019

Manager: Cath Swain
Agent: Adrienne Todd and Lynne Bretherton
UP, RH, DM, H, RCS Yes   Yes Yes       Dec 06 2018, 10:43am
Elmswood Retirement Village Detailed Information Available
131 Wairakei Road
Christchurch 8053
(03) 351 0974 (Donna ext 716)
(03) 351 0976

Manager: Letitia Welsford
Agent: Letitia Welsford
UP, H Yes Yes Yes     Currently we have a 2 bedroom classic villa available. North facing very sunny and direct access off Colwyn Street.   Dec 10 2018, 3:43pm
Essie Summers Retirement Village Detailed Information Available
222 Colombo St
(03) 337 2702
(03) 332 4470

Manager: Rosemary Deane
Agent: Susie Cowles
UP, RH, DM, H, RCS Yes Yes No No   Rarely available is a spacious upstairs, south facing, one bedroom serviced apartment with a modern ensuite and kitchenette including fridge/freezer and microwave. This is perfect for those looking for a little extra assistance. You can enjoy delicious meals prepared on site daily by our village chef, regular shopping trips and outings, housekeeping services and peace of mind knowing that personal care is available.   Nov 30 2018, 8:43am
George Manning Lifecare Detailed Information Available
1 Hennessy Place
(03) 338 9164
(03) 338 7028

Manager: Gail Kerse
Agent: Sharryn Pidgeon (Village Manager)
RH, H, UP Yes   No Yes   All units are very sunny and warm, the interiors have been refurbished to ensure they are attractive, comfortable and modern. Our small village is friendly and welcoming. We welcome enquiries and are happy to show you or your family our village. Dec 13 2018, 8:49am
Holly Lea Village Detailed Information Available
123 Fendalton Road
03 351 7764
03 351 3634

Manager: Juliane Brand
Agent: Juliane Brand General Manager
RH, UP, RCS Yes Yes Yes No   Lifestyle of care and independence. 24 hours care available. Client well-being and safety are priority. Only the best is good enough for our clients. Refurbished units are now available. Amazing environment, park-like gardens you can call home   Dec 13 2018, 9:12am
Maples Detailed Information Available
71 Middleton Road
Christchurch 8041
(03) 348 4362
(03) 343 1244

Manager: Maurice David
Agent: Jenny & Neville Youngman
RH, H, UP, RCS Yes Yes No     Lovely peaceful setting looking into our internal courtyard. Newly renovated in tasteful colours, new carpet, new ensuite fit out make this a desirable serviced unit for the discerning.   Nov 29 2018, 10:56am
Mayfair Detailed Information Available
104 Wharenui Rd
Upper Riccarton
(03) 348 2445
(03) 348 5989

Manager: Graeme Gordon
Agent: Village Manager
RH, H, UP, RCS Yes Yes No Yes   We can provide full Rest Home level of care Dec 06 2018, 10:22am
Merivale Retirement Village Detailed Information Available
60 Browns Rd
Christchurch 8014
(03) 375 4117
(03) 355 2022

Manager: Jenny Stokes
Agent: Jenny Stokes(to purchase)
RH, H, UP Yes No No Yes No We currently have 1 x 2 bedroom Palazzo suites. 1 x 1 bedroom Villa and 1 x 2 bedroom Villa available EXCITING NEW DEVELOPMENT: Plans for ten luxury 2 & 3 bedroom villas to be built. Enquire now to view plans. Dec 03 2018, 2:13pm
Ngaio Marsh Detailed Information Available
95 Grants Rd
(03) 352 5140
(03) 352 5176

Manager: Anna Thomson
Agent: Marie Kyle-Stevenson
UP, RH, H, RCS Yes No Yes No No AVAILABLE NOW . ONE BEDROOM SERVICED APARTMENT. Enjoying morning sun. Modern Kitchen. Bathroom with underfloor heating. Overlooking lovely trees and gardens. Call Marie to view.   Dec 13 2018, 11:21am
Rose Court Detailed Information Available
115a Rose St
Somerfield 8024
(03) 337 2221
(03) 337 2936

Manager: Ann Nolan
Agent: Bridget Buchan
RH, H, UP, RCS Yes Yes No     2 x Studios Available Dec 13 2018, 9:14am
Rosebank Residential Care Detailed Information Available
77 Walnut Avenue
(03) 308 0111

Manager: Sue Prowse
Agent: Sue Prowse Manager
RH, H, UP, RCS Yes     Yes No We currently have no villas available for immediate occupation.If you are interested please still enquire so we can update you on possible vacancies Dec 13 2018, 9:12am
Ultimate Care Bishop Selwyn Detailed Information Available
350 Selwyn St
Christchurch 8024
03 3794044
(03) 3659921

Manager: Nicki Brown
Agent: Bridget Buchan
RH, H, UP, RCS Yes Yes No Yes   We currently have available a lovely 2 bedroom villa with internal access garage. It has been refurbished and ready to occupy. For more information please ring 3794044.   Dec 10 2018, 8:47am
Wendover Retirement Village Detailed Information Available
33 Erica St
(03) 352 6089
(03) 352 6089

Manager: Symone Bruhns
Agent: Contact the Symone Bruhns 03 352 6089
RH, UP, RCS Yes Yes No         Nov 29 2018, 8:25am
Bupa Parklands on Papanui Retirement Village, Christchurch Detailed Information Available
429 Papanui Rd
(03) 373 8571

Manager: Lynda MacKay
Agent: Lynda Mackay Village Manager
UP, H, SH               Nov 01 2018, 12:44pm
Chatswood Retirement Village Detailed Information Available
60 Hawford Rd
(03) 332 7323
(03) 3316748

Manager: Kyla Hurley
RH, H, UP, RCS             Mar 26 2015, 12:24pm
Fitzroy of Merivale (Family Owned) Detailed Information Available
4 McDougall Ave
(03) 355 5888
(03) 355 0988

Manager: Vanessa Pirie
RH, UP, UR                
Lifetime Villas Limited Detailed Information Available
03 669 3349

Manager: Roy Hamilton
UP, HS             May 20 2013, 10:00am
Lochlea Lifestyle Resort Detailed Information Available
25A/25 Charlesworth Drive
03 307 9080

Manager: Tony Sands
Agent: Tony Sands
UP               Oct 29 2018, 12:28pm
Margaret Stoddart Detailed Information Available
23 Bartlett St
(03) 348 4955
(03) 348 8266

Manager: Merrin jack
Agent: Susie Cowles
UP, RH, RCS             Oct 15 2018, 9:32am
Park Lane Retirement Village Detailed Information Available
35 Whiteleigh Avenue
03 338 4495

Manager: Aleshia Rayner
RH, H, UP, RCS               Aug 30 2018, 9:24am
Summerset at Wigram Detailed Information Available
135 Awatea Road
Enquiries 0800 334 404
RH, H, UP, RCS             Jul 04 2018, 12:55pm
Terrace View Retirement Village Detailed Information Available
37 Carters Terrace
Ashburton 7700
03 307 6140

Manager: Donna Coxshall
Agent: Donna Coxshall
RH, H, UP, RCS               Aug 02 2018, 9:05am
The Russley Village Detailed Information Available
73 Roydvale Avenue
(03) 982 8280 or 03 3579392
03 982 8285

Manager: Wayne Thompson
Agent: Nola Lamb
UP             Aug 13 2018, 3:00pm
Cameron Courts Rest Home and Retirement Village
57 Grigg Street
03 308 8534
03 308 8537

Agent: Cameroncourts Rest Home & Retirement Village
RH, UP               Feb 28 2017, 8:01am
Condell Lifestyle Village
55 Condell Avenue Papanui
03 354 9688
Silverstream Lifestyle Retirement Village
Cnr Greers and Sawyers Arms Road
(03) 352 5488
Woodcroft Estate
34 Kendon Drive, Rolleston
Services Key:
RHRest Home Care
DMDementia Care
SHSpecialist Hospital Care
RCSResidential Care Suites
SLSupported Living (Boarding)
UPRetirement Villages Purchase
URRetirement Villages Rental
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