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Tasman Rest Home and Dementia Care

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Tasman Rest Home and Dementia Care
Rest Home Care
14 Browning Cres
Postal Address
14 Browning Crescent, Stoke, Nelson 7011
Nelson Marlborough
(03) 547 6867
(03) 547 6837
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(03) 547 6867
Dementia Care NZ
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"At Tasman we create a loving, warm and homely atmosphere where each person is supported to experience each moment richly"


We strive to achieve this vision by promoting ...

"the uniqueness of each person
the immense value of each person
and working with openness,honesty and integrity"

In these ways, we enrich each person, the community and the world.
Dementia Care New Zealand is one of New Zealand’s highly regarded aged care providers.
We provide a full range of residential care including general rest home care, dementia rest home care, general hospital level care, and dementia hospital level care. At many of our facilities, a full continuum of care is available.
We specialize in person-centred care for people who live with dementia. This is the work we have passionately chosen to do.
We care for people in small, cosy homes with a loving, warm and homely atmosphere where each person is supported to experience each moment richly. Our small homes concept means that people with dementia experience life in a less clinical and more normalised, familiar way. Small homes that inter connect, also bring a sense of ‘community’ for a person with dementia.


1. Connecting with each person we care for as we would a very best friend means that people feel loved and important. A best friend accepts you as you are, believes in you, forgives your mistakes, really listens to you, jokes with you and loves to hear you laugh.

2. Families/whanau become part of the community we have. They are involved in their loved one’s care. They are encouraged to share their in-depth and intimate knowledge of their loved one. There is much honesty and openness. This builds trusting relationships between us all. We know family, and family know us.

3. A home that provides people with stability. Things seem familiar – a private bedroom with things in it from home, sunny spots to sit in, a garden.

4. Each staff person is someone with ability and with a potential for growth. There is much opportunity for every staff member. Each staff member can have a positive impact on residents, their family and their team.

5. Ensuring that people can continue with their old roles, if they wish, like collecting the mail, folding the washing, sweeping the floor means that they have a purpose in life. They can be involved in the running of their home.

6. As we work in these ways, people are more contented and participate in life more fully. They have their greatest chance at being physically healthy and emotionally the best they can be.

We are extremely pleased to now be able to offer 24 hour Registered Nurse coverage to all of our people at Tasman.

Service/Facility Details
Service/Facility Details
Contract with DHBYes
Updated: 14 Oct 2015
Bed and Vacancy Details
Bed and Vacancy Details
Approximate number of beds at this level of care 3
Vacancy Soon
Impending vacancy Yes
Additional Room CostsNo
Updated: 20 Apr 2018
To all the wonderful staff at Tasman,
We just wanted you to know how much our family appreciated the outstanding care you gave my Mum throughout her stay with you.
You were, without exception, calm, kind and warm hearted toward her at all times.
That she was able to smile and laugh with us right up to her last days is a tribute to all of you and the ‘Best Friends’ and ‘small homes’ concept being implemented by Dementia Care NZ.
We will always remain grateful that we chose Tasman to care for Mum after she could no longer stay at home.
We extend to you all of our warmest regards and grateful thanks.
Sue and John, Michael and Carolyn and the rest of the family of Joy Guy.
ACTS 24:15 – We look forward to seeing our darling Joy again.
March 2018

Brenda Wollen
15th March 2012.

My Husband, Eric, has been a resident of Tasman Rest Home and Dementia Care in Stoke, Nelson since January 17th this year and I can’t speak too highly about the wonderful care he is receiving.

All the staff, from the Managers, The Registered Nurses, the Diversional Therapists and the Carers are all very competent and all so cheerful and most welcoming.

A support group meeting is held once a month for the families of the residents, which I find most helpful.

I am very happy to have Eric being cared for by these wonderful people and would thoroughly recommend Tasman Rest Home and Dementia Care.
Updated: 9 Mar 2018
TypeHours Per WeekStatusDetails
Registered Nurse Yes There is a Registered Nurse on site seven days a week and on call in the evenings. Should you require any information regarding your loved one the nurse on duty is the person to see.
Enrolled Nurse Yes
Physiotherapist Yes Our physiotherapist works with us each fortnight. She assesses each resident's needs and develops a safe handling plan for each resident. She also trains the staff to transfer residents safely.
Own Social Worker Yes As required
Diversional Therapist Yes Our diversional therapists know each resident very well and know what works for each person creating meaningful activities to support creativity, socialisation, stimulation and fun as well as assisting residents in the daily running of their home.
Activities Co-ordinator Yes
Hairdresser Yes Visits weekly and more frequently when required.
Podiatrist Yes We have a poditarist who comes on a regular basis to attend to the needs of the residents.
Dietitian Yes Our dietitian comes to Tasman monthly to review nutritional requirements of the residents.
Accredited Visitors Yes Please enquire.
Kaumatua Negotiable Please enquire.
Chaplain/Spiritual Advisor Yes Tasman is interdominational so we have people from several demoninations that visit. Should you require an individual visit this can be arranged.
Other Personnel Yes We have a person who facilitates a support group for family members of people who live at Tasman. Many people find talking with others very helpful. She is also available by phone for any family member who just needs someone to talk with.
Updated: 4 Jul 2013
Specialities or Areas of Expertise
Specialities or Areas of Expertise
Specialities or Areas of ExpertiseStatusDetails
End of Life/Palliative Care Yes Our registered nurses have received training in caring for people as they experience the final stages of their life journey
Gastronomy/Nasogastric Management Yes As required
Oxygen Management Yes
Surgical Followup Yes As required
Wound Care Yes Wound care specialist care is available on referral
Diabetic Care No Specialist care is available on referral
Continence Advisor Yes We have a continence advisor who calls on us regulary. She also runs in house training sessions for staff and is available to be contacted when we require her service.
Infection Control Yes We have a registered nurse who does special training in infection control and who has a role in infection control at Aberleigh. Specialist care input is available on referral
Stomal Therapist No Specialist care input is available on referral
Psychiatric Care No Specialist care input is available on referral
Stroke Rehabilitation No Specialist care input is available on referral
Specialised Dementia Care Yes All our staff are specially trained to work with residents who have dementia. They have great skill in working with these residents.
Gerontological Care No All our staff are specially trainned to care for people as they get older. This is the work we have chosen to do.
Clinical Manager Yes Arah Cartagena is our clinical manager at Tasman Rest Home. She is supported by Ruth Babonnick, Regional Clinical Manager for Dementia Care NZ.
Other Nursing Specialities Yes Simon Hamley is a Registered Nurse and also our Education Coordinator. Simon ensures all staff are compliant with their training, runs staff in-services and Coordinates any speacial training programs that we offer.
Psychologist No Specialist care input is available on referral
Psychiatrist No Specialist care input is available on referral
Updated: 21 Jul 2017
Respite, Carer Support or other Short Stay
Respite, Carer Support or other Short Stay
Respite, Carer Support or other Short StayStatusDetails
Respite Yes We offer a respite care service if we have a room available at the time you need care. Please phone our manager Aldrich if you would like to make a booking.
Subsidised Yes
Private Paying Yes
Updated: 26 Feb 2016
Under 65 yrs with Disability No Respite Only
Whanau Room Yes
Rooms (Single) Yes
Ensuite Yes
May Bring Own Furniture Yes
Pets In Residence Yes
Negotiate To Bring Own Pet Yes
Phone Access In Own Room Yes
Policy for management of challenging behaviour Yes
Confused Residents Yes
Lounges/seating areas Yes
Outings Yes Own Minibus
Semi-Secure Yes
Sprinklers Yes
Updated: 27 Oct 2009
Special Features
Special Features
Tasman Rest Home and Dementia Care is situated in a quiet suburban area in parklike surroundings. We have a warm and friendly atmosphere with small and homely units.Each unit has its own open plan kitchen. This increases our homely feel and encourages normalised activities.
'Ora' home provides rest home level care.
'Rangi' and 'Ata Hapara' homes provide a safe environment for residents requiring Dementia Rest Home Care.
'Aio' home provides specialist Dementia Hospital level care.

Our staff work hard to provide individualised care for each resident. We take pride in our ability to give care to our residents. We are guided by our vision and values and love the work we have chosen to do.

Updated: 20 Sep 2011
Interests & Activities
Interests & Activities
Representatives visit from RSA and Alzheimer's Society, church services, entertainment, garden, indoor games co-ordinated by the Activities Co-ordinator, meal options (residents can have a choice), music (visiting pianist fortnightly), daily newspaper reading, quizzes with Activities Co-ordinator, videos, outings in van, homely activities like baking, gardening, helping wash the dishes, raking leaves.
Updated: 20 Sep 2011
Additional Information
Additional Information
Details re Meals Individual requirements are catered for.
Staffing Details Registered nurse present Monday to Friday. Registered Nurse on call at all other times.
Fees Details/Fees Do Not Include Please contact the manager.
Updated: 27 Oct 2009
Languages Spoken
Languages Spoken
English Yes
Updated: 27 Oct 2009
Religious/Spiritual Affiliations
Religious/Spiritual Affiliations
Religious/Spiritual AffiliationsStatusDetails
Anglican Yes
Baptist Yes
Christian Yes
Inter denominational Yes
Methodist Yes
Non denominational Yes
Presbyterian Yes
Roman Catholic Yes
Salvation Army Yes
Seventh Day Adventist Yes
Updated: 27 Oct 2009
Public Transport 50.00 km
Shops 1.50 km
Mall 1.50 km
Parks 0.50 km
Library 1.50 km
Updated: 27 Oct 2009
Credentials & Membership
Credentials & Membership
Credentials & MembershipStatusDetails
National Certificate in Support of the Older Person (not available after Dec 2010) Yes
New Zealand Aged Care Association (NZACA) Yes
Rest Home MOH Audit Report Available. Yes
New Zealand Aged Care Association (NZACA) Rest Home MOH Audit Report Available.
Updated: 6 Nov 2012
What's New
What's New
Facility Image

March 2018:

Easter is a special celebration for us here in our home. We love to enjoy loving time together and share memories evoked by the scent of fresh hot cross buns and the feeling of anticipation as we unwrap the first Easter egg.

We wish you all a safe and happy Easter with those you love.

As always, we welcome your visits and remind you that our visiting times are the same throughout the holidays.

March 2018:
Dance and movement are beneficial in many ways, and especially enjoyable along with good friends and laughter.


December 2017:

To our dear friends
It's the end of 2017, a time of reflection on the past year. As always, there have been many moments of joy, laughter, peace and wonder: what we call ‘magic moments’. We are full of gratitude and would like to say thank you to you all. Thank you for encouraging us by being part of this online community. Thank you to the people who visit our homes - it is always lovely to see you. Most of all a very big thank you to those of you who share your family member or friend with us. It is a huge privilege to take care of the people who live here with us in their home. They are a wonderful inspiration to us and we love them dearly.
We would also like to say an enormous thank you to each and every member of our staff team. We appreciate you and value you so much. Thank you for everything you do.
We are grateful for the highs and lows, the challenges and opportunities this past year has brought. Thank you for being part of it.

September 2017:

Aina Duro is our newest addition to the Tasman team. She is originally from the Philippines and brings with her a wealth of experience and passion for nursing. She especially enjoys interacting with the residents and making their day special. A huge warm welcome to you Aina!

July 2017 - They say ‘if you don’t use it you lose it’. This photo speaks for itself about how much we enjoy keeping on our toes and enjoying the stunning environment life in Tasman has to offer.

Our Piano - July 2016

We love having a piano available for family, friends, entertainers and residents. We especially love seeing our musical residents engage and enjoy the powerful medium of music. It is so special to watch residents become so present in the moment, when they play our piano.

New website for Dementia Care NZ:

We have a wonderful new website and invite you to take a browse!
At a number of our homes we have been holding a weekly 'coffee club'.  This is a time for socialisation, reminiscing, sharing time with family and friends, creating magic moments. Out come the lovely table cloths, the special china, the flowers on the tables not to mention the lovely home baked goodies and coffee! If you would like to join your friend or loved one for coffee club, please conta...ct the operations manager of the facility for details. We would love to share this time with you.
Donya Nee, on behalf of the Diversional Therapy Team from Dementia Care NZ.








  • Our Vision and Values – Are the cornerstone of all we do. We select our staff based upon our vision and values. This means we attract the right people and have a great staff retention. Staff have a high level of job satisfaction and many opportunities to grow which naturally results in best performance and positively impacts upon our residents’ well being.
  • Open home – Our families are always welcome. You have an open invitation to share mealtimes with your loved one, at no charge. We want you to have as much special time with your loved one as possible. This benefits us all.
  •  Small Homes  – Small homes mean that the environment feels more normalised, and residents orientate to their environment more easily.. There is a family feel. We get to know our residents very well. There are fewer faces to get to know. There is a higher staff ratio than in many larger facilities.
  • Open Plan kitchens - Purpose designed kitchens mean that residents and their families have full, assisted and safe access to familiar homely activities. People can help rinse the dishes, make a cup of tea, wipe down the bench, and be part of the running of their home. Baking and cooking activities occur regularly.
  • Bedrooms – Are warm and cosy. There is under-floor heating as well as wall unit heating. People are encouraged to bring special things from home, to make their room feel familiar and homely. We provide all of the necessities.
  •  Family Support  – Our families have the opportunity to meet monthly with an independent facilitator to share thoughts, feelings and concerns about having a loved one in care. At Levin and Waikanae support is available over the phone.
  • Special Programmes for Families - We enjoy having two special courses for our families: ‘Orientation For Families’ and ‘Sharing the Journey’. These courses help people to settle into having a loved one in care, and provide information about dementia and improving the quality of the journey with your loved one in care.
  • Our team: Our staff team are hand-picked and are with us because they love working with people who have dementia. They are given many opportunities to grow within the organisation and are supported to be their very best. We provide them with free medical attention and  staff support from ‘Work Place Support’ . They are also given much in the way of Education. We are great believers in the power of education and support for growth.
  • Education - We have an Education Coordinator who coordinates , supports, motivates and encourages staff to grow and develop as much as possible.
  • Best Friends Approach to Dementia Care training – All our staff attend this training as a part of their comprehensive ‘orientation’ program. It is based on the ground-breaking work of Virginia Bell and David Troxell, and originated in the U.S.A. The main focus is on developing empathy, communication and an understanding of our residents’ needs.
  • Non Violent Crisis Intervention – This is an internationally recognised qualification that we encourage all staff members to participate in.  This course supports what is learnt in the Best Friends Approach to Care training.
  • Intercultural training – Our staff team have the opportunity to be a part of  comprehensive training around intercultural awareness. This training is designed to help staff understand the varying cultural needs  of our residents, as well as fellow staff members.
  • Occupational Therapy – We have a very experienced Occupational Therapist who leads our team of Diversional Therapists.  She is also available for consulting regarding residents’ specific needs and/or behaviours of concern.
  • Physiotherapist – Our Physiotherapist visits our home regularly.
  • Dietician – Our dietician is on site on a regular basis and is available for advice at anytime.
  • Community Care – We have a proactive approach  to education for the wider community around dementia care.
  • We speak at both national and international  conferences  on the subject of excellence in person-centred care. Community education, removing the stigma from dementia and increasing the quality of life for people who have dementia are  passions we love to share with others.










Warmth, community spirit and a focus on the immense value of people with dementia were the hallmarks of the recent opening of Tasman Rest Home and Dementia Care. The official opening of the renewed and renovated facility began with a warmly welcoming Whaikorero (Blessing and Speech of Welcome) by Archdeacon Harvey Ruru QSM, followed by a waiata. Interest in the new facility was intense among those present. Openness and an eagerness to share and be part of the occasion characterised the involvement of the Nelson community, who were excited about what the facility means in terms of the betterment of aged care in the area. The mayor of Nelson, Aldo Miccio, spoke passionately about the importance of catering for specialised needs of the ageing community, and the need to raise public awareness of the challenges the elderly can encounter. He reminded guests that the staff at Tasman are caring for some of the most vulnerable people among us, and need the support of the community in doing this important work. He emphasised the importance of developing understanding and empathy towards people with dementia, and of supporting them to remain an essential part of our community. Tasman director Alison Hume spoke from the heart about the right of people with dementia to a homely, tranquil and loving home where they are accepted, valued and respected. Her short address honoured the staff who have worked under difficult conditions during the year-long renovation process. Guests were invited to consider what makes a house a ‘home’, what positive things happen in their own home, and what each one of us associates with tranquil family times. This is the atmosphere the staff of Tasman are committed to creating for residents, who are supported by the loving and accepting ‘best friends’ approach to care. “We want this to be a place where people can relax and just ‘be’”, Alison Hume said. The opening of facility was hailed as a ‘truly special day’ for residential care in the Nelson area by National Director of Alzheimer’s NZ, Mr Johan Vos. The facility now offers a full continuum of care, which means that people with dementia are able to stay in one place as their needs change. The facility is also the only home in the NMDHB which offers hospital level dementia care. Mr Vos congratulated the management of Tasman, Tanya Tuscano and Andrew Sheard, and the NMDHB for the proactive way in which they have worked together to provide essential services for people with dementia in the area. The important service provided by Alzheimer’s Nelson in the areas of community education, information and support was also acknowledged. It was vital for local Alzheimer’s bodies to continue to work closely with residential care providers such as Tasman, said Mr Vos. Mr Vos commended Tasman Rest Home and Dementia Care on its philosophy of care, which focuses on care in small homes and in so doing, creates an enhanced sense of wellbeing for a person with dementia. The importance of supporting independence, freedom of choice and the ability to continue with familiar and purposeful activities for people with dementia was also highlighted by Mr Vos. “A person with dementia is still a person that has a right to be treated with dignity, respect, love and compassion as we would any other human being.” The occasion was a celebration of the value and dignity of the elderly people in our community, and reflected the importance of providing them with the best possible care in a homely, loving environment.

 (photograph - Operations manager Andrew Sheard and Alzheimers New Zealand Director Johan Vos).




After a year of extensive work, the expansion and renewal of Tasman Rest Home and Dementia Care is now complete. It now provides a complete continuum of care.


Tasman offers general rest home care, dementia rest home care, and general hospital level care. It also provides specialised psychogeriatric care.

The refurbished 53-bed facility includes a 15-bed rest home/hospital, two 13-bed dementia homes and a 12-bed hospital specialised dementia home.

We are extremely pleased to now be able to offer 24 hour Registered Nurse coverage to all of our people at Tasman.


Following the redevelopment, there are currently rooms available at all levels of care.


Tasman Rest Home and Dementia Care will be officially opened on February 17 by Alzheimers New Zealand National Director, Johan Vos.




Lee Andrews has recently joined our staff as the Senior Occupational Therapist for the organisation, and as such will be working within, and regularly visiting, all our facilities.


Lee's main role is the provision of an occupational therapy service that enhances the quality of life of our residents. Much of this will be achieved through the ongoing development of, and leadership to, our Diversional Therapy Teams. Because Occupational Therapists specialise in occupational needs for people across the age-spectrum, it is Lee's responsibility to ensure that a balanced, meaningful and respectful programme of activities is offered to all our residents – be it within a group scenario or on an individual basis.


Lee comes to this position with a background in, and passion for, dementia, and will bring inspiration and guidance to all staff working with our residents, in order to enrich their lives.