Rest Home Care: Cheviot Rest Home

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  • Cheviot Rest Home
  • 20 Reeves St
  • North Canterbury
  • Hurunui
  • Cheviot 7310
  • Postal Address: 20 Reeves Street Cheviot
  • District Health Board Area: Canterbury
  • Phone: (03) 319 8727
  • Fax: (03) 319 8727
  • Manager: Sue Coleman (Phone: (03) 319 8727)
  • Owner: Sue and Stephen Coleman (Phone: (03) 319 8727)
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Updated: 15 Jul 2015

We will provide a safe, comfortable and warm environment where residents and their families can reside and relax in the knowledge that their concerns, views and opinions will be heard, acknowledged and acted upon with love, compassion, understanding and dignity; where the individuals needs will be embraced and respected whether they be emotional, spiritual, physical or medical and where care will be given with integrity, knowledge and experience.Our home is your "Home Away From Home"
Updated: 12 May 2015

Service/Facility Details
Contract with DHBYes
Additional Room CostsNo
Updated: 13 Apr 2012

Bed and Vacancy Details
Approximate number of beds at this level of care13
Long term vacancyYes
Short term vacancyYes
Enjoy life in the country, fresh air, peaceful surroundings in our large garden, little traffic to disturb the peace and tranquility, watch and listen to the sounds of peace and quiet. Enjoy the warmth of the friendly,caring staff and delicious home cooked meals served with vegetables from our own garden. Try out our home,sharing the fireside in the lounge chatting - our place could soon become your new home away from home. With 12 trained and qualified staff, a registered nurse 24 hours a day 7 days a week our rest home although small is very homely with a wonderful atmosphere as soon as you walk in the front door. You will never be lonely as any visitor who walks in soon chats to all the residents as most people are known to all - or soon will be!
Impending vacancyYes
Updated: 29 Jul 2016

TypeHours Per WeekStatusDetails
Registered Nurse 40+ Yes Sue is our RN, owner and manager. She has many years experience in caring for the elderly being District Nurse in Cheviot for 10 years before purchasing the rest home. We also have Joy who works Part Time and shares the On Call with Sue.
Enrolled Nurse No We have 2 members on the staff who have had Enrolled Nurse training but do not hold a current practising certificate - so our standard of carers is very experienced
Healthcare Assistants/Caregivers Yes Our staff at present all are educated through HealthEd Trust ACE (Aged Care Education)Some have achieved National Certificate in Care of the Older Person. All others continue with ACE modules and monthly education sessions
Physiotherapist 0.00 Yes A Physiotherapist is in Cheviot 2 days a week - Lyn travels up from Amberley and has rooms at the Cheviot Community Health Centre. She owns Amberley Physio and Gym. Lyn is happy to make calls to our home or we will take residents up to her rooms
Own Social Worker 0.00 No But can be arranged when required
Activities Co-ordinator Yes A wide range of activities are planned taking into account the residents likes and dislikes, physical and mental exercises, outings, visits as well as entertainment for all to enjoy every afternoon Monday to Friday. Singing and music is also provided.
Hairdresser Yes 2 staff members are able to cut and set hair or Should you wish to use the hair salon in the shopping centre arrangements can be made with transport.
Podiatrist Yes This service has recently been established in Cheviot every 6 weeks. Arrangements can be made for a visit should you require this at your expense other wise the RN will cut nails
Dietitian Yes Staff note and listen to residents - likes and dislikes, we grow a lot of our own vegetables,have our own sheep grazing and fattening, great community support with fresh fruit and veges, fresh fish donated otherwise we purchase fresh every week
Accredited Visitors Negotiable The Cheviot community strongly supports the rest home with many volunteers coming in throughout the week for different reasons - reading, singing, music, cards,walks. Both the school and preschools also visit throughout the year.
Kaumatua Yes Can be arranged should it be required
Chaplain/Spiritual Advisor Yes church services are also held in our lounge every 2nd month, church visitors can arrange to take residents who wish to attend their own church every Sunday. Mass is held twice a month in our home
Other Personnel Yes
Updated: 12 May 2015
Specialities or Areas of Expertise
Specialities or Areas of ExpertiseStatusDetails
End of Life/Palliative Care’ Yes Rest Home Nurse/Manager has a Post Grad Certificate in Palliative Care including End of Life Care. We work in closely with Nr Maude Palliative care team which visit as required. Our home has introduced the Liverpool Care Pathway for end of life care
IV Antibiotic Capability Yes Through local Community Health Centre - District Nurses and Practice Nurses
Oxygen Management Yes Previously we have had a resident on oxygen therapy
Surgical Followup Yes As required in partnership with DN and PN from Cheviot Community Health Centre
Wound Care Yes One of the local practise nurses has completed a certificate in wound care. Otherwise we are able to seek the advice from Nr Maude Wound Specialist Nurses
Diabetic Care Yes RN has education in diabetes, some residents are diabetics, we offer diabetic food and all staff are capable in giving insulin and taking blood sugar recordings
Continence Advisor Yes Thru Nurse Maude
Infection Control Yes Through Bug Control - Judy Forrest or laboratories
Stomal Therapist Yes Through Nurse Maude Our Carers have previously cared for a resident with a stoma
Stroke Rehabilitation Yes Thru PMH
Primary Rural Health Care Yes Sue has an interest in rural health with a post graduate certificate in Primary Rural Health
Clinical Manager Yes Sue is Clinical Manager and is at work or on call and avaliable 7 days a week
Other Nursing Specialities Yes Stop smoking programme and support is offered by one of the local practise nurses
Other Post Graduate Specialities Yes Palliative Care , PRIME, Rural Primary Health
Updated: 12 Mar 2014
Respite & Carer Support/Short Stay
Respite & Carer Support/Short StayStatusDetails
Respite Yes Allows you time to regain your health following a medical incident or when you have been unwell.Perhaps your spouse needs time out to regain their strength. Time with us also allows you to "get the feel" of our friendly home. Do not hesitate - try Respite
Carer Support or other Short Stay Yes Should we have a spare bed, you are welcome to use it for short term stays. We have had people stay a weekend while they attend a grand daughters wedding, family go away for a holiday or long weekend - you may need a break from family too.
Advance bookings taken Yes Yes we will do our best to accommodate your wishes
Subsidised service Yes All our beds are avaiable for both subsidised and private paying people - we make no distinction between people, all recieve the highest standard of care possible
Private paying service Yes All our beds are available for both subsidies and private paying residents. We make no distinction between people, everyone recieves the same high standard of care possible
Updated: 12 Mar 2014
Day Care Yes Offered Monday - Friday take part in all our activities and trips out
Primary Health Funded Short Term Care Yes Respite and Carer Support rooms kept specifically
Palliative Care Contract Yes Yes this is available on an indiviual contract as required. I have a special interest in Palliative Care and have a Post Grad Certificate in Palliative Care. Our home has recently introduced the Liverpool Care Pathway for end of life care
Other End of Life/Palliative Care Yes Yes we provide palliative care and have introduced the Liverpool Care Pathway for end- of-life care. Our staff have all had extra training in Palliative Care
Whanau Room Yes We have a double room that is kept as a Whanau or Family room, where family members are able to stay 24/7 with their loved one
Rooms (Single) Yes All rooms are single with a basin, wardrobe, lounge chair, wall heater, bed and drawers, main light and bedside light along with a nurses call bell. The rooms are all carpeted, warm and we have HRV system to help warm the rooms when the sun is shining
Rooms (Shared) Yes 1 room is avaliable but I do prefer to keep this room for family/whanau who wish to stay with a resident recieving end of life care
Rooms (Suit Couple) Yes 1 room is a double room with 2 beds in it which would be ideal should a couple wish to continue to be togther It is not spacious but it may suit a couple
Ensuite Yes 4 rooms have shared ensuits
May Bring Own Furniture Yes Armchair, pictures, paintings, photos, bedspread, pillows, anything for your room to make it feel like home- any person items
Alcohol Permitted Yes We have drinks every afternoon at 4pm - a social chat time together in the lounge or outdoors on warm sunny days - Drinks are both alcoholic and non alcoholic what ever you wish to choose.
Pets In Residence Yes We have a 2 cats - Albie and Chloe. Both cats are very friendly, some residents love having a cat sleep on their beds or knees Our RN often has her dog Lili with her for part of the day, while staff at times bring in their pets for a visit
Phone Access In Own Room Yes Points are in every room allowing you to connect your personal phone at your cost
Resident can adjust heating in own room Yes Fan heaters are in every room with different settings we have installed a HRV system which forces warm air trapped in the roof into rooms to help with heating - the temperature is set at 22 degrees
Residents Committee No There is plenty of opportunities for discussion, when ever staff are sitting chatting with you and we have resident meetings every 6-8 weeks, these are always advertised to allow you plenty of time to think about issues you may wish to discuss
Family Committee No Many residents do not have family
Newsletter Yes Monthly newsletter is produced with a 6monthly newsletter sent to family
Policy for management of challenging behaviour Yes Should behaviour become an issue and other residents frightened by continual challenging behaviour, an assessment will be carried out in consultation with family and Needs Aeessor and that resident may be asked to move to another rest home
Confused Residents Yes Depends on level of confusion
Lounges/seating areas Yes One large lounge with a fire place, faces north and west - there is always a sunny spot to sit in Activities, singing,TV, music,, morning and afternoon tea all take place in the commual lounge
Outings Yes Gore Bay for picnics at the seaside, many interesting drives around the countryside close to home. Fish and chips at Kaikoura, lunch at Oaro or the Rotherham Hotel. We have been to a dairy farm, watched this years grapes being harvest
Rural Setting Yes We have spacious garden settings, sheep grazing in a paddock attached to the grounds with views of the hills across wide open spaces of rural land. 2 sheltered areas for sitting outside away from the wind A a large vege garden with fruit trees
Smokers Room No Outside for smoking
Smoking Permitted Yes We have a sheltered designated area for smoking outside the back door in the sun
Sprinklers Yes In every room
Audit report available Yes Our recent Audit was carried out in May 2013 with no issues found at all. This was due to wonderful, caring staff who have out standing skills, have a very caring attitude and are always willing to learn new skills through continuing education
Updated: 12 May 2015
Special Features
Cheviot maybe a very small, rural area but it has an extremely caring, supportive community that go out of their way to help one another. All medical and nursing personal work together for the good of the community.

We have introduced the Liverpool Care Pathway for the dying, as a way of helping residents and their families at the end of life.

We were a finalist in the 2010 North Canterbury Business Awards

No issues were found during our Audit in May 2013

We try to make all days special in some little way - a hug or a smile.Last Christmas our residents were very lucky - as well as ham and turkey we had whitebait, crayfish and fresh bluecod. Meals are very important to us as often this is the highlight of a residents day.
Social occassions, celebrations and outings are all important, as well as encouraging residents to continue with community activities. Just because you now live in a rest home does not mean your life comes to a stand still - there are still lots of new things for you to learn or take part in.
Updated: 12 May 2015
Interests & Activities

Activities are carried out daily with ideas and suggestions welcomed from the residents. A monthly programme is made up in advance, allowing you the freedom to choose what interests you or perhaps you would prefer a snooze in the sun or a walk around the township, a visit to the cafes, shops or library.
Bingo is played once a week,Trionimoes quickly becomes a faviourite by thoes who learn to play it. Other activities are planned for each day taking into account your choices, likes and dislikes.
Members from the Cheviot community offer to take people for walks, read stories or chat. We have a huge selection of jigsaw puzzles, books and magazines, a vege garden that residents are encouraged to plant and keep,we preserve the fruit and veges from our garden too or encourage floral arrangements for the lounge,dining room or main entrance using our own flowers from the extensive gardens. Sheltered outdoor areas have seating to enable enjoyment in the sun, plenty of room for bowls, petonque,quoits, mini golf and many more persuits.
We have a happy hour every afternoon at 4.15pm (before tea) a good time for all to meet and talk about your day in a happy, congenial atmosphere.

Updated: 12 May 2015
Additional Information
Details re Meals We have a different menu during the winter than the summer and are very flexible with requests, likes and dislikes. A lot of our vegetables are grown inour garden which is tended by some of our residents
Staffing Details Most staff members have their National Certificate in Support of the Older Person while all staff are expected to achieve ACE- Aged Care Education Certification.On going education and training is important for all staff
Fees Details/Fees Do Not Include We get copies of The Press to share amongst all residents but if you prefer your own copy this can be arranged at your expense. To have the telephone installed in your room also is an additional expense to you
Updated: 3 Jan 2012
Languages Spoken
English Yes All staff speak English
Maori - Te Reo Yes At least 2 members of our staff
Updated: 16 Nov 2015
Religious/Spiritual Affiliations
Religious/Spiritual AffiliationsStatusDetails
Anglican Yes Members of the congregation are willing to collect residents to take them to church services each Sunday Every 2 months a service is held in our lounge
Christian Yes
Inter denominational Yes Anglican Minister offers a service every second month held in the lounge. Father Kevin brings Communion to residents who wish to receive it each fortnight. Christmas and Easter Services are held in our lounge
Presbyterian Yes Church is over the road from the rest home, easy access into the church, with members of the congregation willing to collect residents and accompany them to church services.
Roman Catholic Yes Priest lives in the Cheviot community and visits residents bringing communion every 2nd Friday. Local members of the congregation are willing to collect residents should they wish to attend Mass each Sunday
Updated: 3 Jan 2012
Public Transport 0.50 km Shuttle service
Shops 0.15 km A variety of shop, services and cafes can be found close to the rest home
Mall 0.00 km
Parks 0.20 km Spacious grounds surround the rest home.
Library 0.50 km "Friends of the rest home" members change books if any resident unable to go to the library
Updated: 4 Dec 2009
Credentials & Membership
Credentials & MembershipStatusDetails
Rest Home MOH Audit Report Available. Yes No issues were found during our audit May 2013 Next audit due in 2016
New Zealand Aged Care Association Yes Offer us support, current information and legal advice.
Care Association New Zealand Yes Offer us support, current information and legal advice
ACE ("Aged Care Education" Training programme) Yes All staff are expected to complete this trainning course and are given the opportunity to complete Advanced ACE and the Dementia papers
National Certificate in Community Support Services (Residential) Yes Most staff members have achieved this certificate - their names are on display outside the office as a way of advertising thoes who have accomplished this outstanding award
National Certificate in Support of the Older Person (not available after Dec 2010) Yes Several staff members have this qualification
CareerForce (ex CSSITO (Community Support Services Industry Training Organisation) No Providing staff trainning in National Certificate in Support of the Older Person
Rest Home MOH Audit Report Available. New Zealand Aged Care Association Care Association New Zealand ACE ("Aged Care Education" Training programme) CareerForce (ex CSSITO (Community Support Services Industry Training Organisation)
Updated: 12 Mar 2014