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Clinical Update NZ Ltd
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786 South Head Road
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Auckland, Waitemata, Counties Manukau
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Leigh Kelly - 021625491
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Given the current COVID-19 environment we have temporarily disabled our ‘feedback’ feature. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Caregiver Training is now available on line. This is a comprehensive tool that helps Nurse Educators, Managers, RN's, EN's and Work Place Assessors to train caregivers on topics required by District Health Boards. Comes complete with audio powerpoint, quizzes, assessment, answers sheets, certificates and other useful resources.

AIM: To have proficient caregivers looking after residential and home care clients.

Leigh Kelly is an experienced aged care specialist working with the elderly since 1975. She has been a Charge Nurse, Rest Home owner and Manager and well understands the requirements and skills needed to run a facility. She is the Managing Director of Clinical Update (NZ) Ltd trading as Care Training Online

She is the author of two books. Dementia Care book a guide caring for a person with Alzheimer’s Disease in a restraint free environment” and “The Art of Caregiving – a guide to caregiver satisfaction” to be released in August 2008. These can be purchased at https://caretrainingonline.com/understanding-and-dealing-with-dementia-7ty_43801/

Not only is she an experienced registered nurse and manager, she is also a skilled trainer and educator.

All her training will be available on-line as well as in-house. www.CareTrainingOnline.com now provides all training needs for facilities to help them meet mandatory training requirements and individuals who want learn more about care giving. All this can be accessed now via the website. The training can be used for inservice training, to meet DHB contracts or for a qualification via Careerforce as the base of the training is Careerforce learner guides.

Recently Care Training Online entered into a partnership agreement with an Australian company called Ausmed. The combination of the two now enables Caregivers as well as Registered Nurses access to all their training requirements. With a full LMS available educators and managers will save time as well as meet all contractual requirements. The material not only meets NZQA requirements for selected topics but also NZ Health and Disability Sector standards. The system records and tracks all learners learning and mandatory training hours. Managers/Educators can check each individual progress or compliance with training and provide records on request.

Clinical Update no longer provides public workshops for Registered Nurses and is purely an Online Training Company.

If you want to find our more about Care Training Online or Care Training Online/Ausmed, please email leigh@caretrainingonline.com or call Leigh on 021625491
"I have had Leigh do my in house training since 2008 and it has been fantastic. I do my plan at the beginning of the year and I know I don’t have to worry about it from then on. Leigh delivers a high standard of training and there just doesn’t seem to be anything that she cannot tackle. Her style is relaxed and friendly and she has a unique delivery style that engages the caregivers. It is interspersed with practical tips and stories that all my staff can relate to. The standard of care has increased and I know the caregivers just love to come to her sessions. It has been a godsend as she speaks the same language as me which reinforces the standard of care I want to provide to my residents. In my book, it is money well spent. In 2019 we transferred to using Care Training Online and have found this an amazing tool to keep our care staff up to date with their training. Well worth the small month fee to be able to access an abundance of material.” -
Glenda Kingsbeer, Owner Claire House

“I have engaged and introduced Care Training Online in a number of Aged Care companies and facilities over the last number of years. Part of my roles have been to assess and engage staff back into training to not only ensure compliance requirements are met, but to engage the team into becoming a learning and growing culture. Care Training Online provides interesting and relevant topics that can be accessed at any time and through any device, making learning fun and able to be achieved at a time that suits the individual. Staff value their days off and no longer wish to be coming in for training or meetings, so providing them with a platform that is easy to use and at a time that suits them, in an environment that suits them ….is a win for everyone! Feedback has always been positive around the ability to choose quizzes or assessments, long and short timeframe topics, current and relevant information and delivered in a user-friendly manner. I will continue to promote Care Training Online due to the flexibility it offers staff, relevant topics that Leigh manages to ensure are evidenced based and it meets the needs of the Aged Care industry perfectly – thanks Leigh!”
Melissa H, Aged Care Manager

Since starting in January 2019 our % of staff actually completing training modules (compulsory annual/bi annual) has increased from 40% to 100%. The reason for this is they do not have to come on site to complete, they enjoy the option of in their own time. We run a competition here, first 5 completed before due date go into a draw to win a gift voucher.
“They only get paid for their training time once it is completed-4 papers = one hour paid. This has saved us not only time but also money in the long run as in the past we have had to run a minimum of two sessions (not been 4 papers-only 1) to enable staff to come in and complete their training. In some cases staff have not turned up at all and we have had to do a one on one session. Not good at audit time and not practical long turn hence why we changed to care training online.
The small monthly fee more than makes up for costs on staff training eg 15 staff doing 4 papers over 4 months, each at one hour per paper per session=approx. $1390. Cost online -4 months fee $308 and approx. $345 in wages=$653”

Anthea Kingi(Mrs), Village Manager, Edale Masonic Care, Marton

We have been using caretrainingonline.com since 2017 while Manager of Lexham Gardens I found it was an excellent tool to provide the staff with the theoretical aspect of their daily care for the residents. It is very easy to use and it saves us a lot of time and money. The training is very broad which includes all departments of a rest home setting including laundry, kitchen, & medication administration procedures. The staff are continuously trained throughout the year and the advantage of an online training structure is that all staff complete the training even when absent from work.
On leaving Lexham Gardens and purchasing Norfolk Court in 2021 one of the first thing I did was become a member of Care Training Online because it worked so well for Lexham Gardens I knew it would be a good investment for Kowhai Court.
Lidija Brence, Managing Director, Lexham Gardens Auckland
Updated: 15 Feb 2022
Service Description
Service Description

Training - Topics - all meet District Health Board Requirements

* Challenging Behaviours & Restraint
* Sexuality in the Elderly
* Abuse and Neglect
* Stress Management
* Delirium, Dementia and Depression
* Promotion of Independence & Recognition of Individuality
* Occupational Safety & Health
* Informed Consent
* Hydration
* Aging Process
* Death & Dying
* Restraint management
* Personal Cares
* Colostomy, Iliostomy & PEG care
* Infection Control
* Nutrition
* Continence Management
* Diabetes Management
* Pain - Identification and management
* Understanding Diabetes for Caregivers
* Observing, Recording and Reporting for Caregivers

See full list here https://caretrainingonline.com/topics/

All training now available online at https://caretrainingonline.com/topics/. The option for in-house training still available on request. For all enquiries contact leigh@caretrainingonline.com
Updated: 15 Feb 2022
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Languages Spoken
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English Yes
Updated: 17 Feb 2022