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Hokianga Masonic Village (Northland District Masonic Trust)

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Hokianga Masonic Village (Northland District Masonic Trust)
Retirement Villages (Rental)
86 Hokianga Road
(09) 438 3109
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The Northland District Masonic Trust provides affordable retirement village housing to Northland's seniors. Our villages are an example of Freemasonry at work in the local community.
Composition of Facility
Type Details
Two bedroom units
Weekly Rental$210.00
DetailsRentals range from $210.00 to $235.00 per week, depending on the garaging supplied. There is a range of garaging options from carports to communal garaging.
Updated: 24 May 2016
Rental Details
Rental DetailsDetails
What rental covers Water is included in the rental price.
Eligibility Criteria Tenants must be 65 years of age or older. Access to these facilities is open to all Northlanders, be they Masons or non-Masons.
Garden Maintenance Lawns and shared gardens are maintained by the Trust. Tenants look after their own gardens, beside their Units.
Updated: 13 Mar 2015
Special Features
Hokianga Road Masonic Village is situated in a warm, sunny location. This small village is handy to the Dargaville town centre, hospital and other local amenities. Perfect for those who like privacy, peace and quiet.
The Village is run by the Northland District Masonic Trust. which also has a rental Village in Kauri Court, Dargaville.

Hokianga Road Masonic Village has both rental units and units available for purchase, for those who would like to buy under an Occupational Rights Agreement. See www.northlandmasonictrust.co.nz for more information.

As a charity, the Trust makes several favourable concessions from the normal industry standards, especially with respect to Occupational Rights Units. (ORA)

For example, The Trust guarantees that it will purchase a departing ORA Resident’s interest in their Unit within an agreed timeframe.

Furthermore, the ORA Weekly Levy stops at the end of the two month Notice Period (where applicable) even if the Unit is not yet on-sold and continues to be vacant.

These two points are significant because they bring clarity and certainty to the financial obligations of residents, especially when they leave.

In addition, any operating surplus made by the Trust is reinvested into the Villages as opposed to paid out in dividends to shareholders.

The Trust endeavours to provide peace of mind, space and security, and its strong history in the retirement village industry allows residents to have trust in the manner in which their agreement will be honoured.
Updated: 13 Mar 2015