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Johnsonvale Home Trust

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Johnsonvale Home Trust
Rest Home Care
16-18 Earp St
Wellington - western suburbs
Wellington 6037
Postal Address
PO Box 13125 Johnsonville Wellington 6037
Capital & Coast
(04) 478 4023
(04) 478 4025
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Brenda Wright - (04) 478 4023
Johnsonvale Home Trust
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“To provide a caring Christian Home for elderly people and to be a responsible employer to our staff.”


To provide effective and efficient services which:

*Enhance or maintain the quality of life and independence of Residents within the scope of their current abilities;

*Recognise individual needs and care requirements;

*Empower Residents to make their own choices and be involved in decisions affecting their future;

*Encourage Residents to maintain links with the community;

*Acknowledge and value the involvement of family/whanau / significant other(s) in the provision of care;

*Are sensitive to the needs of all people – spiritually, ethically and culturally, and do not discriminate against people due to disabilities, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, social status or age.

To ensure the Home is appropriately resourced to perform efficiently, in providing the best possible service and care through adequately rewarded and committed staff, using modern facilities and effective management practices.
Service/Facility Details
Service/Facility Details
Contract with DHBYes
Updated: 11 Jan 2017
Bed and Vacancy Details
Bed and Vacancy Details
Approximate number of beds at this level of care 36
Vacancy Yes
We have "swing beds" that can be used for either Rest Home or Hospital Level. Please contact us to discuss availability.
Impending vacancy No
Additional Room CostsNo
MOH Certification and Audit Report View MOH certification and audit report (opens in a new tab)
Updated: 17 Jan 2019
TypeHours Per WeekStatusDetails
Registered Nurse 287.5 Yes Clinical/Operations Manager and Quality / Development Manager both RNs. Managers on call 24/7. Registered nurse on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week Staffing levels according to SNZ HB 8163:2005 recommendations.
Nurse Practitioner Yes Through DHB
Enrolled Nurse 40 Yes Staffing levels according to SNZ HB 8163:2005 recommendations.
Healthcare Assistants/Caregivers 900 Yes Staffing levels according to SNZ HB 8163:2005 recommendations.
Physiotherapist Yes Available when required through private or hospital based services. Private physios visit on request.
Occupational Therapist Yes Through DHB
Social Worker (on site) No Available on referral through hospital services
Diversional Therapist 40 Yes Wide and varied activity programme
Activities Co-ordinator Yes Three carers assist DT to run 6 day programme
Hairdresser Yes Separate hairdressing salon on premises, open 1 day fortnightly, Paid for by Residents
Podiatrist Yes Registered Podiatrist visits 6-weekly. Some residents have private podiatrist.
Dietitian Yes Available on request. and through DHB for consultation and advice. Kitchen services and menus are audited 2-yearly by registered dietitian
Kaumatua No Available on request
Chaplain/Spiritual Advisor Yes Anglican, Brethren and Roman Catholic visit regularly. Others available on request
Other Personnel Yes Resident Advocate
Updated: 11 Jan 2017
Specialities or Areas of Expertise
Specialities or Areas of Expertise
Specialities or Areas of ExpertiseStatusDetails
Oxygen Management Yes Several Residents have had Oxygen Concentrators, Oxygen for emergencies kept in Home. Other assistance through DHB Community Health Services
Gastronomy/Nasogastric Management Yes Through DHB Community Health Services
Palliative Care (Contracted) Yes
End of Life/Palliative Care Yes RNs and caregivers experienced with Palliative Care. Links with Mary Potter and Te Omanga Hospices and Cancer Centre
Dialysis No Links with Renal Unit Capital & Coast DHB
Wound Care Yes Registered staff trained in up to date wound care and DHB specialists consulted when necessary
Diabetic Care Yes RN on staff with specialised knowledge
Continence Advice Yes Through DHB Community Health Services and links with Product specialists
Stomal Therapy Yes Through DHB Community Health Services
Stroke Rehabilitation Yes Through DHB Services, Stroke care Team and private physio
Tracheotomy Care Yes Through DHB Community Health Services
Infection Control Yes Links with Infection Control Nurses at Capital & Coast DHB, microbiologist CCDHB available for constulation and advice. Public Health liaison if required for outbreaks
Surgical Followup Yes Residents taken for surgical convalescence.
Psychiatric Care Yes Through DHB Psychogeriatric Services
Community Health Yes
Clinical Management Yes Clinical/Operations Manager is NZRN Quality/Development Manager is NZRN
Updated: 11 Jan 2017
Respite, Carer Support or other Short Stay
Respite, Carer Support or other Short Stay
Respite, Carer Support or other Short StayStatusDetails
Respite Yes Respite is available for subsidised and private residents
Carer Support Yes
Subsidised Yes
Private Paying Yes
Booking can be made in advance Yes
Updated: 11 Jan 2017
May Bring Own Furniture Yes Residents are encouraged to bring their own belongings including furniture, pictures, ornaments etc. Restricted only by space availability.
Single Rooms Yes all single rooms
Rooms suitable for a couple Yes No double rooms however several rooms have connecting doors that can be unlocked to provide access between them.
Ensuite Yes one ensuite room
Alcohol Permitted Yes Residents permitted own alcohol.
Pets In Residence Yes One cat and 1 canary
Negotiate To Bring Own Pet Yes Negotiable depending on the pet desired.
Phone Access In Own Room Yes Available at Residents cost
Resident can adjust heating in own room Yes Individual heaters in rooms with thermostats
Cater for under 65 yrs with Disability Yes Arranged by Care Coordination Centre
Lounges/seating areas Yes Several areas of varying sizes available.
Primary Health Funded Short Term Care Yes Through NASC agency
Provide End of Life/Palliative Care Yes
Palliative Care Contract Yes Palliative care is provided. We have close links with the hospice service and community health service.
Day Programme for day stay clients Yes Available daily - Private or through Care Coordination Centre
Outings Yes Home has minibus and has regular outings
Whanau Room Yes Small lounge areas or Recreation room available
Maori Kaupapa No Available on request
Residents Committee Yes Regular meetings with Independent Advocate. Staff do not attend meetings. Information and concerns are fed back to management and actioned.
Family Committee Yes Regular Relatives Meeting, facilitated by the Independent Advocate offsite. Families always welcome to arrange individual meetings.
Newsletter Yes Monthly newsletter prepared by the Diversional Therpist
Policy for management of challenging behaviour Yes Policy and procedures in place for Challenging Behaviour
Confused Residents Yes Some Residents are confused
Rural Setting No Home is set in quiet back street with large garden.
Smokers Room No Non smoking Home with one designated area outside where smoking is permitted.
Smoking Permitted Yes Outside in specified area only
Semi-Secure Yes Enclosed garden area
Updated: 11 Jan 2017
Special Features
Special Features
Welcome to Johnsonvale Home.

Our motto is "Your Home away from home" and we strive to make this the case for our Residents and families. We believe that Residents should be able to maintain their lives and activities as much as possible as if they were "at home" and retain their individuality. We are able to offer flexibility of care - that is not possible in larger institutions - in a homely and comfortable environment. The Home is a busy vibrant place with a varied and full activity programme, set within a garden. It is close to community facilities, and on the flat, but being on a back street retains a quiet tranquil environment.
A Copy of the Resident Information Pamphlets is attached for your information.


This folder has been compiled to give new and prospective Residents, and their families, some information about Johnsonvale Home.

A Trust Board, within the Religious and Welfare sector, governs Johnsonvale Home. Johnsonvale Home is committed to providing high quality, appropriate, care that goes beyond the minimum requirements set by statutory bodies and is currently working towards certification.

Our standards are high.
 Maintaining high standards of life and care for our Residents is a first priority at Johnsonvale.
 Resident’s individuality, dignity, privacy, and freedom of choice are respected whenever these do not infringe on the rights of others.
 Resident’s health status is assessed on an ongoing basis and the findings determine the care planned and provided.
 Residents and their family/whanau are encouraged to participate in the assessment and care planning process.
 Resident’s environments are kept clean, comfortable, personalized and safe.
 Residents are assisted to meet their requirements of daily living.
 Residents receive a healthy well-balanced and varied diet, which takes into account the individual’s health status and any religious or ethnic restrictions and medical modifications.
 Residents are assisted to meet their emotional, spiritual, social, and cultural needs; they have access to health and other professional advocacy services.


Johnsonvale Home is situated in the heart of the Johnsonville Community in a quiet, sheltered area. The Home is on the flat, within walking distance (½ a kilometre) of the Johnsonville Mall and other amenities such as the Johnsonville Community Centre, Keith Spry Swimming Pool and public transport facilities. The regional motorway system provides easy access to Johnsonville from Wellington City, and the Hutt Valley, as well as for areas north of Johnsonville.

Facilities and Activities

Johnsonvale is a home of sound construction, in quiet picturesque surroundings. Twenty-four hour care is provided by Registered Nurses, Enrolled Nurses, Diversional Therapist,Activities Coordinator and Caregivers, supported by regular visits from Doctors, Podiatrists, Physiotherapists, Dietician and Pharmacists. Both Managers are Registered Nurses and operate a 24/7 on call system. Each Resident has their own room, fitted with a hand basin. Commodes are available in each room for overnight use as required. Arrangements can also be made to install a private telephone in the room if this service is required.

Other facilities in the home include a large television and video/DVD player in the main lounge, smaller lounges, indoor bowling facilities and a small library.
There is a daily programme of recreational activities provided up to 6 days a week and regular weekly church services catering for mainstream denominations. The Home has a mini-bus, which gives the opportunity for community outings, longer trips to the seaside, or other appropriate venues. Included in this package is a copy of the Rights and Responsibilities of Residents, together with the Mission Statement and Philosophy of Care at Johnsonvale Home.

Assessment Process

To be eligible for Residential Care a full Assessment is required from a DHB Needs Assessment Service Coordination Agency Care Coordination Centre, Capital & Coast Health. This assessment ascertains eligibility for Residential Care. Your General Practitioner generally makes referral for this assessment. The assessment process needs to be undertaken - even if you intend to pay privately for care.

The telephone number for Care Coordination Centre is – (04) 238 2020

Residential Care Subsidies

Residential Care subsidies are available to those who meet Ministry of Health and WINZ criteria. From the date of entitlement for a Residential Care subsidy a recipient’s National Superannuation and Subsidy can be paid directly to the Rest Home. Personal allowances are paid into a Resident’s own bank account. Further information on fees payable and subsidies is available on request.

Thank you for considering Johnsonvale Home. We know that choosing a Rest Home or Continuing Care Hospital can be a difficult task, and encourage you to visit Johnsonvale to assist you in making your choice. Should you require further information or wish to discuss any aspect of the Johnsonvale Home care or facilities, please contact us at:

16 Earp Street Johnsonville Wellington.

Telephone: 4784023.
Fax: 4784025.
Email: info@johnsonvale.nz


Welcome to Johnsonvale Home…….

This booklet contains some information about the facilities and routines of the Home. Please ask if there is anything you do not understand, or wish to have clarified.

A booklet containing a copy of this information is given to all new Residents on their arrival at the Home for future reference.

Every Resident is allocated a Caregiver who will have the most to do with your care on a day-to-day basis. Caregivers change areas every three months. Each Caregiver works under the jurisdiction of a Registered Nurse. The Clinical/Operations Manager, is an experienced Registered Nurse. Johnsonvale’s Quality/Development Manager is also an experienced Registered Nurse.

Your Rights and Responsibilities

Your Rights
The Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers’ Rights is a regulation under the Health and Disability Commissioner Act, which outlines the rights of consumers of healthcare and the duties of providers. A copy is included in this pack and further copies are available on request.

Under the Health and Disability Services Code, the Resident has the right to:

1. Be treated with respect
2. Freedom from discrimination, coercion, harassment and exploitation
3. Dignity and independence
4. Services of an appropriate standard
5. Effective communication
6. Be fully informed
7. Make an informed choice and give informed consent
8. Support
9. Respect with regard to teaching or research

Johnsonvale Home Code of Resident Rights and Responsibilities is based on this. A copy is included in your pack.

Fire and Emergencies
All rooms at Johnsonvale are fully fitted with Smoke Alarms and Fire Sprinklers. Residents and their guests are reminded not to smoke in the building.

Soon after admission your Caregiver will explain the
 Emergency Call Bell system
 Location of Fire Exits
 Location and use of Fire Alarms and Extinguishers
 Fire Drill and Evacuation Procedures

If you discover or suspect a fire, please tell a staff member straight away and if appropriate set off the fire alarm.

If the Alarms Sound:

Due to the installation of Smoke Alarms, and the fact that the Home is divided into several separate ‘fire cells’ it may not be necessary to evacuate. Please follow the instructions of the staff member, they are trained in what actions to take - they will guide you to safety.

Privacy and Confidentiality
Johnsonvale Home is committed to ensuring that your privacy and dignity is maintained at all times whilst you are in our care. We abide by the Privacy Act (1993) and the Health Information Privacy Code (1994) as well as other legislation. The collection, storage, and release of information must comply with the above Acts. Only authorized staff have access to Residents’ information and strict confidentiality is maintained at all times.

Information is collected for the sole purpose of ensuring the best level of care and welfare for Residents. No information will be collected for research purposes without the Resident’s (or representative’s) express consent. All requests for release of documented personal or health information regarding a specific Resident must be made through the Clinical/Operations Manager, or Quality/Development Manager who is the Privacy Officer.

We aim to achieve a balance between respecting the individual’s right to choose and the privacy of other Residents in our care. We have a documented protocol for meeting all of your privacy requirements including clinical treatments and procedures, family discussions, and any desire for intimacy.

Cultural Support and Interpreters
We are able to provide information about cultural support groups and referral sources should you require or request it. Please let our staff know if written or spoken English is difficult for you so we can accommodate this when we are providing you with information.
We may be able to bring in an interpreter or translator if a family member or friend is unavailable to assist. Please speak to the Registered Nurse, Clinical Operations Manager, or Quality Development Manager if you require an interpreter.

Complaints Procedure
All Residents in Johnsonvale Home need to understand how the complaints process works. We encourage our Residents and their families/whanau to give us feedback so we can continually improve the way we do things. We are more than happy to discuss your concerns. You have every right to be involved in decisions affecting your care and we encourage you to explain or discuss your concerns in more depth.

Johnsonvale Home has a Concerns and Complaints Policy, a copy of which has been provided for your information. We have also provided you with a copy of the Compliments & Complaints form to complete should you or your family/whanau have any concerns about your care. Further copies of this are kept under the collection box in the foyer. Please ask one of the staff if you would like the complaints process clarified or if English is your second language.

We ensure that all complaints are followed up within 5 days and if it still not to your satisfaction we will keep an ongoing record of the concern until we can reach some resolution. The Home also keeps a log of complaints, including any opportunities for improvement, who is assigned responsibility to rectify the problem, and the date at which the solution has been implemented.

Advocacy Services
We are able to refer you to an independent advocacy service at the earliest opportunity if you have any concerns over your care or your family’s involvement in your care and are not able to reach a resolution.

We have a complaints process that is easy to follow (please see the complaints information included in the pack) and guarantee that all concerns are followed up within 5 days.

We have provided you with some contact people who will be able to advocate on your behalf and we are happy to discuss how the independent advocacy process works and assist in its facilitation.

Residents’ Advocate
Johnsonvale Home has a Residents’ Advocate, who is independent of the Johnsonvale staff and management. Their role is to listen and to record the needs of Residents and families, and to bring those ideas and concerns back to the Managers so that appropriate action can be taken.

Resident’s Meeting
A Resident’s Meeting is held, with the Advocate, at Johnsonvale approximately every third month. All Residents are encouraged to attend. This meeting is intended to provide a forum for Residents to safely express their views and concerns regarding the Services and Care provided at Johnsonvale. Staff do not attend. The Advocate notifies issues from the meeting to the Managers. Issues are dealt with and reported back to the Advocate for ongoing information and reporting to those affected if necessary.
A Relatives meeting is also held by the Advocate every 6- months. This is run on the same principles and is held off site.
The Advocate is available at all time by phone or email. Contact details are displayed in the Home.

Independent Advocacy
An independent Advocacy Service is provided under the Health & Disability Commissioner Act 1994. The Advocacy Service pamphlet is included with this pack and further copies are available on request. This is a free service. The contact number for the service in this region is 0800 423 638.

Informed Consent
The Health and Disability Services Consumer Rights Code (1996) requires the provider to obtain informed consent from the Resident before undertaking any treatment procedure or service. Johnsonvale home abides by this code.

The Code states that the process for seeking consent, either from the Resident or from their Enduring Power of Attorney, must be provided to the Resident in a form that is understood. At the time of consent being sought, the information must be clearly outlined and the Resident must be encouraged to ask questions. The Resident must be informed of the following:

 A separate consent must be obtained for each proposed treatment or procedure and services will only be provided if the Resident has made an informed choice and given consent. This may be verbal.
 Consent must be in writing if:
o The Resident is participating in research.
o The procedure is experimental.
o General Anaesthetic is used.
o There is significant risk of adverse effects to the Resident.
 If a circumstance arises where there is a potentially contentious issue of informed consent, or if the Resident and/or the agent do not consent, then all relevant information must be recorded in the records.
 Every Resident is deemed competent to make an informed choice unless there are reasonable grounds for believing that the Resident is not competent. In this situation they give informed consent appropriate to their level of competence.
 Every Resident has the right to withdraw consent to services or refuse services.
 Every Resident has a right to express a preference as to the provider of the service.

Johnsonvale Home will take all due care to protect your personal belongings, however your personal belongings are not covered by the Home’s insurance. You need to discuss with your family/whanau or Enduring Power of Attorney whether you need to take out your own personal insurance particularly for items of significant value.

Resident Choice
Johnsonvale is committed to ensuring that all Residents are given adequate choice in relation to quality of life and conducting activities fundamental to your daily routine.

Where possible we aim to ensure that your individual values and beliefs are incorporated into the society of the Home.

Resident Incidents
Residents and their families need to understand that all incidents and accidents involving them [including neglect and abuse] need to be documented so management can ensure that solutions are found and the situation does not arise again. Please use the Complaints Procedure available or feel free to talk about the issue with a staff member that you trust or our Advocate.

Our staff encourages issues of concern to be raised so that we are able to continuously improve the care that we provide.

Sexuality and Intimacy
Whatever sexual activities Residents’ choose to participate in within the privacy of their rooms, will be acceptable to staff and management. It is recognised that Residents have the right to choose, provided that any sexual activity is kept within the privacy of their own room and therefore cannot offend others.
Where a Resident expresses the wish for specific cultural, religious, or ethnic practice, these requests will be accepted in the context of the request made and the availability of an appropriate private area.

We are happy to put you in touch with an appropriate counseling service, or provide you with any educative or informative material regarding sexual health advice.

Voting and Jury Service Rights and Responsibilities
You have the right to vote, and to participate in jury service should you be required. Our staff will assist you at these times to ensure that you make informed choices. The Home arranges for voting to take place on site at election time.

Johnsonvale Routines and Services

Daily menus are displayed on the black board situated in the corridor outside the kitchen. Menus are prepared with the assistance of a Dietitian and regularly reviewed. A sample menu is included with this information. Please inform your Caregiver if you have any special food preferences or dietary requirements.

All meals, and your morning and afternoon tea, are served in the dining room, at the following times:

 Pre-breakfast beverage 7.00am (in your room)

 Breakfast 8-30am

 Morning Tea 10-30am

 Dinner 12-15pm

 Afternoon Tea 3-00pm

 Tea 5-15pm

 Supper 7-15pm

If you wish to eat in your room, please speak to the caregiver who is looking after you. You may wish to have breakfast in bed some days, however we prefer that other meals are taken in the dining room unless you are ill.
We encourage Residents to have input into menu choices and likes and dislikes. For this reason and because we wish to optimise your health, we need to know if you have any particular dietary requirements.

If you have been assessed as requiring special feeding equipment such as modified cutlery or drinking cups, please inform our staff as to what equipment you like to use.

Medication Administration
Johnsonvale Home generally takes responsibility for your medication. We have our medications specially packed by a pharmacy and have a procedure for identifying the correct person.

If you do wish to take responsibility for your own tablets/medicines, we can assist you to ensure that they are clearly labeled in easy to use blister packs. You will need to assist us by keeping a record of which medication you are taking and ensuring medications are kept locked in a drawer. Staff will be able to tell you about the purpose and side effects of your medication. If you lose a tablet or forget to take your medication, please inform the staff as soon as possible.

The times that medications are usually given out are listed below:
 Before breakfast between 6am and 7am
 Breakfast time
 Lunch time
 Tea time
 Bed time
If Residents have medication that must be administered on a specific schedule outside these times that is followed.

Laundry Services
Like most facilities, we launder most of our Residents’ clothing on site as required. Whilst we take all due care and responsibility when laundering, you need to be aware that we cannot be held financially liable should clothing shrinkage, damage, or loss occur.

Your personal clothing will be collected from your room each morning or evening and will generally be returned laundered the following day. To help us return your clothing correctly please ensure that all of your clothing is clearly labelled with a permanent label or marking pen. Labelling needs to be renewed frequently by your family.

We prefer that you do not have woolen garments. Washing for woolen jerseys and delicate clothing will be done, however these may best be taken away for relatives to do. For Health and Safety reasons hand washing must not be done in bedrooms.

We ask that your family/whanau or friends take home clothing items of value or significance, and that you organise your own dry-cleaning.

Recreation and Activities
We are keen to determine and support your interests in the areas of Arts, Music, Exercise, Life Skills Development, and Recreation. Johnsonvale’s Diversional Therapist, works fulltime and coordinates the Activity Programme with the assistance of several other carers.

The Home encourages groups from outside to perform or visit our home. Visits from local schools and kindergartens are also welcomed. Several extremely proficient musicians perform for the Residents on a regular basis.

A timetable of regular activities offered at Johnsonvale is attached. This is under constant review and suggestions are very welcome. We are keen for you to contribute any ideas for activities to the staff and we will endeavour to accommodate them.

In addition to this timetable, Residents receive help and encouragement to continue their own craft activities, or to embark on new crafts. Some materials for individual projects (such as toy making or knitting) are available on request. Craft assistance is provided as needed.

Johnsonvale also has a raised bowling facility, for indoor bowls, within the Recreation Room.

We organise a number of outings outside of the facility. The Home owns a mini-bus (with wheelchair hoist), which is used for regular outings for our Residents. There is also a car available that smaller groups can be taken out in. We ask you to co-operate in the wearing of seatbelts or any other restraint device whilst traveling.

Residents continue to attend activities such as Care and Craft, Marsden Club, Bridge Club, Stroke Club and various other activities. Visits are also arranged to various events – such as exhibitions, concerts etc – attendance at these is at the Resident’s expense.

Community Resources
The following community support groups are available and may be of interest to you. Please see the staff if you would like to be put in contact with any of them.
 Parkinson’s Society
 Alzheimer’s Society
 Cancer Society
 Citizens Advice Bureau
 Marsden Club
 Age Concern
 Grey Power
 Care and Craft
 Stroke Club
 Johnsonville Bowling Club
 Public Library Services – including the Housebound Service
 Deaf Foundation
 Blind Foundation – including Talking Books

Library Services
Johnsonvale has a small library on site, which Residents are welcome to borrow books from. The Housebound Service is offered to Residents who have joined the library. Up to two bags of books are delivered to and collected from Resident’s rooms by the Diversional Therapist on a six weekly basis. Those who are capable are encouraged to continue to visit the library.

The hairdresser comes to the Home fortnightly. A special room is set aside for hairdressing.
If you wish to make an appointment please inform your Caregiver.
This service is not included in your fee and should be paid for by you.

There is a small Shop on the premises where you can buy items such as tissues, shampoo, soap, toothpaste, or batteries. Ask your Caregiver if you wish to make a purchase.

Should you require transport outside of the facility, our local taxi company is: Wellington Combined Taxis Phone 0800 344 444

In some specific circumstances, Residents may qualify for council assistance with taxi fares. Please see our Diversional Therapist about eligibility criteria.

Religious Services
Church of England and Roman Catholic holds services at Johnsonvale on a regular basis.
Professional Services

The Home generally utilises one particular GP and you can be can enrolled with them on admission. Your fees for GP service are covered to a predetermined maximum amount. If your doctor’s charges exceed this amount the difference may be charged on to you. Respite Residents pay their own doctors costs.

Arrangements to see your doctor should be made through the RN or Clinical/Operations Manager Payment for GP visits arranged by you or your family without our involvement will be your responsibility to pay.

We can arrange for a podiatrist to come to the Home to see you, should you require this service. Your fees cover the cost of basic podiatry from the podiatrist contracted to the Home. You may retain your own podiatrist at your own expense. Additional visits may be organised from the Home Podiatrist at your own cost.

We are happy to assist you to arrange appointments at your Dentist or Dental Technician. Transport to this needs to be arranged by your family. Please speak with your Caregiver.

This service is not included in your fee and should be paid for by you.

The Home’s Environment

Johnsonvale is a smoke free environment. If you, or your visitors, wish to smoke, please do so outside in the designated area only. It is important that people who do smoke dispose of butts appropriately. They must not be discarded into the rubbish bins or garden. Sand filled trays are provided in the designated location. Please respect this.

Resident and Service Areas
Our Home has areas both inside and outside that may pose a danger to your health and safety. We have a large outside area that has been made safe for your use and comfort. Inside, a number of areas have been designated “staff only” and we ask that you respect our need to operate the facility in such a way.

Your Belongings

Money and Valuables
Johnsonvale Home accepts no responsibility for lost or misplaced cash or valuables. An in-house banking and safekeeping service is available to all Residents.
Personal Possessions
You are welcome to bring in personal items of furniture (small items like a favourite chair or lowboy), ornaments, pictures, TV and Radio, floor mats, curtains, bedspread, etc, to personalize your room.

Please ensure that all personal items are clearly and permanently marked with your name. This includes all clothing and footwear, your glasses, hearing aid and dentures, and anything that can become separated from you – for instance soft toys, radios.

Electrical Appliances
All electrical appliances brought into the Home for use by Residents must first be checked by a qualified person to certify the electrical safety of the appliance. Electrical safety needs to be checked each year. This is the responsibility of the Resident and/or their family. The Home has all electrical equipment checked by an outside agency each year. If Resident equipment does not carry the required identification that it has been checked that will be done and the cost passed on to the Resident.

Electric Blankets
Electric Blankets are not permitted in the Home, as they are a fire risk.

Wheat Bags
We prefer you to use wheat bags rather than hot water bottles. Each Resident should have their own wheat bag(s) labeled with their name.

Please feel free to listen to your radio, or to have your television on in your room. We do need you to consider others however, and would prefer the volume to be down, especially at night.
Should you have a hearing impairment then earphones should be fitted to the television or radio.
An amplifying aerial is required to receive HD Freeview TV.

Communication and Visitors

Your relatives and friends are welcome to visit you, or to take you for an outing, between the hours of 8am and 9pm. Outside these hours please discuss your needs with us.

To assist us to meet our obligations under the Health and Safety in Employment Act (1992), all visitors are asked to sign in and out of the Visitors Book on the foyer table when they arrive and on leaving - at every visit. This is for safety reasons.

Visitors are asked to respect the rights and privacy of other Residents while visiting, particularly if it is late at night.

When going out of the home, please inform a staff member and sign the book, situated on the table in the foyer. This is to ensure we know where you are and when you are expected to return.

Please advise if you would like us to keep you a meal.

Telephone & Fax
The Johnsonvale Home telephone number is (04) 478 4023
The Johnsonvale Home fax number is (04) 478 4025

There are telephones situated in several areas of the Home, which you may use. There is one in the Blue Room, one downstairs and another upstairs in the North Wing, one in the north corridor near the Recreation Room and in the foyer upstairs just outside the lift.

Feel free to use the telephone at any time to make local calls. For Local calls: Dial 9 to connect to an outside line, and then the number you require.

If you wish to make toll calls please speak with a Caregiver who will assist you to place the call. Toll calls can only be made from certain phones as the Home has a toll bar. Toll calls made by Residents are your responsibility for payment; they are not paid for by the Home.

Personal Telephone
If you want a private telephone line, this can be installed, at your expense, in your bedroom. Telephone accounts will be your responsibility. Your family can contact Telecom direct to have this arranged.

The Johnsonvale mailing address is:

Johnsonvale Rest Home
P O Box 13-125
Wellington 6037
Mail is delivered to the home on a daily basis (Monday to Friday) and is distributed to the Residents around lunchtime.
A mailbox is kept on the table outside the lift in the Main Foyer. Please put your mail into the box or give mail to be posted to your Caregiver. Stamps are available for purchase through your Caregiver.

Johnsonvale Home has an email address that can be used to send letters and pictures to Residents, or messages to the Home’s Clinical Operations Manager or Quality Development Manager. Please feel welcome to utilize this facility. Your letter will be printed for your Resident and a reply sent if they wish that. We do ask that you restrict scanned pictures to a low resolution (dpi). Our printer is black and white.

The email address is Brenda.Wright@johnsonvale.nz (CO Manager)or Lisa.Roders@johnsonvale.nz (QD Manager)

Accounts enquiries or messages should be sent to Kathryn at Kathryn.Watson@johnsonvale.nz

You may wish to order personal newspaper(s) at your own expense.

The Dominion Post newspaper is read to Residents in the lounge before lunchtime, Monday to Friday, and is available throughout the day. The Sunday papers are also available for Residents. The local papers – Contact and Independent Herald are delivered weekly for Resident’s information.

Emergency Resuscitation

All Johnsonvale care staff are trained to provide emergency resuscitation and update this skill every 2 years.

As per Common law, Johnsonvale Home will provide all assistance possible where there is an urgent need for medical care. In such instances this care can be provided without informed consent.

In the event of Resuscitation (CPR) being required – for example if a Resident suddenly and unexpectedly collapses, this will be started without gaining the Resident’s prior consent if the Resident’s views have not been documented.

Decisions regarding Resuscitation (CPR) for a particular Resident prior to it being necessary, will not be made without the Resident’s involvement in the decision making process. This is because the law states that the only person who can make decisions about refusing life saving actions, in advance, is the person him/herself. If a person is not mentally capable of this, then there is no-one else who is legally allowed to do so except a doctor.

Advance Directives

Definition of an Advance Directive
The Code of Health and Disability Consumers Rights defines an Advance Directive as:
“A written or oral directive:
a] by which a consumer makes a choice about a future health care procedure; and
b] that is intended to be effective only when he or she is not able /competent to make choices.” E.g. During a cardiac or respiratory arrest.

Johnsonvale Home will acknowledge, and abide by, valid Advance Directives made by Residents. A copy of this document will be kept in the Resident’s file.

All Advance Directives, made at Johnsonvale, will be countersigned by a General Practitioner [GP], as witness to the Resident’s competency at the time. Any decision to act on the Advance Directive is then less open to dispute. The GP is also able to provide some protection from the possibility of undue influence. They can ensure that the decision is made with the relevant medical information and whether any new medical information would have affected the Resident’s decision.

Each Advance Directive is reviewed on a regular basis as part of the regular Medical review and care planning review.

If you would like to see a copy of the full Johnsonvale Home Policy & Procedure on Resuscitation and Advance Directives, or would like to discuss this issue further, please ask the Clinical/Operations Manager or Quality/Development Manager
Updated: 11 Jan 2017
Interests & Activities
Interests & Activities
Activity programme

Extensive activity programme available, organised activities and individual assistance.
*Board games
*Indoor Games
*Jigsaw - communal and individual


Independent Resident Advocate visits regularly. Regular Resident meetings and Relative meetings held by advocate. Staff do not attend. Referral to other services available.

Age Concern

Home belongs to Age Concern.

Alzheimer's Society

Home belongs to Alzheiners Society

Arthritis society

Links with Arthritis Society


Visits to ballet orgainised at Residents cost if appropriate


Available in garden area. BBQ meals offered.

Big print books

In library or through the Library Housebound Service

Bingo, Housie

Held twice weekly

Blind Foundation

Links with Blind Foundation - talking books available


Raised bowling green within Home. Close to Bowling Club - 5 min walk on flat

Breakfast in bed

Always available on request.

Canine Friends visit Home regularly

Care and Craft

Residents taken each week.


Welcome visitors to the Home


Church Services and visitors regularly

Classical Music

Wide range of CDs and videos available


Held in Home.
Visits organised at Residents cost.

Digital Camera is available

Electric Beds in some rooms


Messages can be sent to Home email


Variety of entertainers visit regularly


Regular exercises by DT. Specific exercise programmes for those with particular needs.


Home Fax available

Flower arranging

Weekly flower arranging.


Large enclosed garden around Home.

Gas Fire in Lounge

Holistic individualised Care provided to all Residents.


Small library in Home, large print books available. Housebound Library Service available. Johnsonville Library within walking distance.

Meal choices

Varied menu. Residents able to have alternate food if disliked or not suitable.


Regular outings


Regular movies shown in lounges and outings to local cinema


Wide range of music available on CD and video. Regular Entertainers visit home

Newspaper reading



Regular outings in minibus. Other outings also arranged on request or for particular events


Small park within 5 minutes walk on flat.

Parkinson's Society

Liaison with Parkinsonism Society. Residents belong and are visited.

Pastoral care

Available from a variety of faiths.


Grand Piano is available. Regular visits from pianists.

Picnic facilities

Tables, umbrellas, available in garden

Quizzes and competitions run regularly as part of recreation programme


Wide variety of recreational activities available. Residents are encouraged to maintain their previous activities

Religious services

Anglican and Roman Catholic services regularly


Colourful scented roses in garden.


Visitor comes regularly. Residents encouraged to attend functions. Assist with transport for members.


Small shop on premises.


Sky TV available at Residents cost in your room


Swimming pool - heated, within 5 minutes walk on flat. Pool offers special over 50's sessions.


Visits organised at Residents cost if appropriate

Vegetarian food available

Videos / DVDs

Wide range of videos/DVDs available to watch. Video and DVD players in large and small lounge rooms. Residents may bring own video /DVD players and tapes/DVDS.


Welcome to Home between 8am and 9pm.

PHOTO: You called?, Canine friends, Organ
Updated: 11 Jan 2017
Additional Information
Additional Information
Details about Meals All meals are prepared on the premises. Residents are welcome to have special food brought in for them at any time. Daily menus are displayed on the black board situated in the corridor outside the kitchen. Menus are prepared with the assistance of a Dietitian and regularly reviewed. Please inform your Caregiver if you have any special food preferences or dietary requirements. All meals, and your morning and afternoon tea, are served in the dining room, at the following times: v Pre-breakfast beverage 7.00am v Breakfast 8-30am may have in bed v Morning Tea 10-30am v Dinner 12-15pm v Afternoon Tea 3-00pm v Tea 5-15pm v Supper 7-15pm If you wish to eat in your room, please speak to the caregiver who is looking after you. You may wish to have breakfast in bed some days. We encourage Residents to have input into menu choices and likes and dislikes. For this reason and because we wish to optimise your health, we need to know if you have any particular dietary requirements. If you have been assessed as requiring special feeding equipment such as modified cutlery or drinking cups, please inform our staff as to what equipment you like to use.
Staffing Qualifications and Details Twenty-four hour care is provided by Registered Nurses, Enrolled Nurses, Diversional Therapist,Activities coordinastor and Caregivers, supported by regular visits from Doctors, Podiatrists, Physiotherapists, Dietician and Pharmacists. The Home has close links with hospital and community services. Both Managers are Registered Nurses. The Home utilises one GP and will enrol new Residents on admission. You may keep your current GP if they will provide the necessary service. Every Resident is allocated a Key Worker, - the Caregiver who will have the most to do with your care on a day-to-day basis. Each Caregiver works under the jurisdiction of the Clinical/Operations Manager, an experienced Registered Nurse. Johnsonvale’s Quality/Development Manager, is also an experienced Registered Nurse. Staffing levels are based on recommendations of the SNZ HB 8163:2005. Registered Nurse on site 24 hours 7 days. RN Manager on call as well at all times 24/7.
Associated Complexes Stand alone Home.
What's included in your fees and what's not § Personal Toiletries and clothing § Specialist Medical Fees Doctors fees in excess of a predetermined amount may be charged on to Residents where the doctor charges in excess of the standard charge for GPs. When the doctor visit is requested by the Resident/family and not considered to be necessary by the Clinical Operations Manager this will be charged on to the Resident. Doctors fees, Pharmacy charges and Podiatry is charged to Respite residents. Incontinence products are charged to Respite residents § Special X-rays § Optometrist Fees § Audiologist Fees § Advocacy charges § Dental Fees § Hairdresser § Solicitors Fees § Equipment aids, medical supplies or services not covered under the Disability Issues Directorate Budget. These charges will need to be claimed under another part of the healthcare budget or the charges will need to be passed on. § Transport to and from medical or other appointments, or ‘after hours’ visits from medical staff may also need to be charged for. In the case of Respite Care Residents there will be a charge for all Medical visits and Medications. Respite residents should supply incontinence products and/or dressing products.
Updated: 11 Jan 2017
Languages Spoken
Languages Spoken
Afrikaans No
Chinese dialect No Resident
Deaf Blind Sign Language No Resident
Dutch No Residents
English Yes
Fijian Yes Several staff members
Fijian Indian Yes Staff members
Filipino Yes Staff members and residents
Hindi No staff members
Interpreter Yes Available through Community Interpreting Service
Khmer (Cambodian) Yes One staff member
Maori - Te Reo No
Polish No Resident
Samoan Yes staff members and residents
Sign Language Yes resident
Updated: 11 Jan 2017
Religious/Spiritual Affiliations
Religious/Spiritual Affiliations
Religious/Spiritual AffiliationsStatusDetails
Anglican Yes Regular services and communion each month. Anglican minister visits
Christian Yes
Denominations/Faiths represented Yes Multidenominational representation. Any faith is welcome and particular spiritual/religious practices supported whenever possible.
Inter denominational Yes
Non denominational No All views are respected
Roman Catholic Yes Weekly services and communion, Pastoral Care visitor
(Other comments) Yes Non/interdenominational Home. Any faith welcome. Bretheren Services and Communion regularly.
Updated: 11 Jan 2017
Public Transport 0.20 km 5 - 10 minute walk on flat to train and bus
Shops 0.20 km 5 - 10 minute walk on flat to shops
Mall 0.20 km 5 - 10 minute walk to Johnsonville Mall
Parks 0.10 km Small park around corner, gardens at Home
Library 0.30 km Approximately 15 minute walk to Public library. Library service available in house
Updated: 11 Jan 2017
Credentials & Membership
Credentials & Membership
Credentials & Membership RCStatusDetails
CareerForce Yes
Home and Community Support Sector Standards (Standards NZ) Yes
National Certificate in Community Support Services (Core Competencies) No Foundation skills
National Certificate in Diversional Therapy Yes DT doing this at present
New Zealand Aged Care Association (NZACA) Yes
Rest Home MOH Audit Report Available. Yes
Other details Yes A Trust Board, within the Religious and Welfare sector, governs Johnsonvale Home. Johnsonvale Home is committed to providing high quality, appropriate care that goes beyond the minimum requirements set by statutory bodies
CareerForce New Zealand Aged Care Association (NZACA) Rest Home MOH Audit Report Available.
Updated: 11 Jan 2017

The Ministry of Health conducts regular audits of Residential Care Facilities. They can be found HERE.