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Wandersearch Canterbury Charitable Trust

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Wandersearch Canterbury Charitable Trust
Mobility aids & useful products
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Po Box 41170
Christchurch 8247
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Linda Rutland - 03 907 0072

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Are you needing a tracking device for a loved one or resident who is wandering? WanderSearch Canterbury can help. We work with a full range of cognitive impaired conditions such as Dementia, Autism, Brain injury, etc.

Since 2010 WanderSearch Canterbury Charitable Trust has been working with the wider Canterbury community to help keep vulnerable people safe, by providing tracking devices that help to locate them quickly when needed.

WanderSearch Canterbury is a not-for-profit service. Our Tracking Device Loan Bank is available in all parts of Canterbury funded through philanthropic organisations and our delivery is by dedicated WanderSearch Canterbury volunteers.
“We have used a WandaTrak device for Kevin for the past three and half years and found it very reassuring to have, it has provided great peace of mind. The device proved to be invaluable the two times Kevin went missing and needed to be found”.
Robyn Robinson
May 2021

"WandaTrak (WanderSearch Canterbury) is an excellent service which provides peace of mind for the carers and which I’m more than happy to recommend to others. With my grateful thanks".
Stephanie Abernethy - Christchurch.
February 2021

“The Wandatrak beacon has been an absolute godsend to us and I would recommend it to anyone in a similar situation. It gives you peace of mind”.
Brian Bartrum - Christchurch
June 2018
Updated: 21 Apr 2021
Service Description
Service Description
WanderSearch Canterbury supplies free Wandatrak tracking devices throughout the Canterbury region for people with a diagnosed cognitive impairment such as Dementia, Brain injury, Downs Syndrome or Autism.
Updated: 24 Aug 2021
Languages Spoken
Languages Spoken
Language Status Details
English Yes
Updated: 20 Apr 2021
Equipment & Products
Equipment & Products
Equipment & Products Status Details
Alarms/Security Systems Yes Personal Tracking system on loan for clients who may get lost due to cognitive impairment.
Equipment/Aids Yes Personal Tracking system on loan for clients who may get lost due to cognitive impairment.
Updated: 20 Apr 2021
Equipment Options
Equipment Options
Equipment Options Status Details
Loan Yes The tracking devices available through our loan bank are available free to those with a diagnosed cognitive impairment such as dementia, brain injury or autism. Small maintenance charge per six months.
Updated: 20 Apr 2021