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Salvation Army HomeCare (Hamilton)

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Salvation Army HomeCare (Hamilton)
Home Help and Personal Care/Assistance
Waikato, Lakes
0800 222 040
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The Salvation Army HomeCare offers a range of high quality services to ensure you, or your loved one, can enjoy life in home.

By contacting HomeCare you truly are Connecting to Care.
I absolutely love living in my own home. There is something special about being surrounded by my own things and being in the house where so many memories were made. My children feel the same way when they come and visit too.

I recently became less independent and without HomeCare’s in-home assistance I would not be able to live by myself, in my home which I love.

I am eligible for funded in-home support, so the next question was who’s going to provide this service for me? After talking to friends and family HomeCare seemed like the service provider that would best suit my needs.

My experience with the HomeCare Coordinators and Support Workers has been great. Support Workers are very caring, professional, respectful and helpful, and without exception they always go the extra mile to ensure I’m happy and looked after. I feel comfortable all the time.

An Individual Care Plan was developed with me and my family, to ensure I was getting the help I required. This has proven to be very beneficial as we have identified areas of my day-to-day living that require attention, so measures have been put in place to ensure I have all I need. I recommend HomeCare every chance I get as I couldn’t be happier with them.
Updated: 16 May 2016
Additional Branch Locations
Waikato Regional Office
Address71 Seddon Rd (Ground Floor)
Phone07 848 2197
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Website www.HomeCare.org.nz

Bay of Plenty Regional Office
Address3/33 Hairini Street
Phone07 544 0395
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Website www.HomeCare.org.nz

Auckland Regional Office
Address90 Rosedale Rd (Level 1)
Phone09 475 0196
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Website www.HomeCare.org.nz
Updated: 16 May 2016
Service Description
Living at home, surrounded by your own possessions, is a comfort that everyone values. But sometimes this can become difficult. Special needs that can come with injury, ill health, disability, or advancing age can make it harder for people to maintain their independence.

This need is at the core of HomeCare’s Mission: ‘Together; preserving independence, dignity and quality of life for people living at home requiring support.’

Assisting the aged, or those with ill health or disabilities, to live independently in their communities is central to The Salvation Army’s mission and the core work of HomeCare.

HomeCare has been in operation since 1995 with its first branch in Paeroa, followed by branches in Hamilton, Tauranga, Rotorua and Auckland.

A network of over 900 support workers deliver care in the clients home to over 5000 individuals in need, with the focus of support around the client, and client’s family / whanau. HomeCare’s trained and empathetic support workers will respect your dignity and privacy. They are professional, reliable, trustworthy and caring, working with you to maintain your independence.

HomeCare promises that the focus of support is around the client, and clients family/Whanau.

Connecting to Care

•personal care assistance
•household management assistance
•respite care
•palliative care
•medication oversight
•volunteer visiting service
•special care for complex conditions
•pastoral support
•transport and shopping
•nurse home visits.
Updated: 10 Nov 2015
Suburbs/Districts/Towns Serviced
Auckland, Waikato and Bay of Plenty
Updated: 8 Sep 2015