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Far North Palliative Care & Cancer Centre

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Far North Palliative Care & Cancer Centre
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abandoned by Far North Pallative Care people

There was a counselor there named NAME REMOVED who my terminally ill partner and I had a couple counseling sessions with. What we talked about was not kept in confidence. Therefore I didn't trust any counselor after that to share my issues I was having with and did it all alone. The aftercare counseling was basically phoned in , they didn't care. There were no solutions offered , NAME REMOVED just gave his judgement on things told me my partner had used me to look after him and didn't really love me. Things like that , a conclusion I think I should make on my own I think with objective guidance from a good counselour?. It made me feel very abandoned like what I was feeling or thinking didn't matter in a very sad and scary situation. I was all alone and had no one to share anything with. And the Far North Pallative Care only made that feeling worse. The nurse there NAME REMOVED I think was her name, it's been awhile now. She mysteriously disappeared when my partner went in for his final weeks to the hospital, I was told she went on vacation but she had just recently been on one. And she miraculously appeared at the funeral 3 1/2 weeks later, hmmm. This counselor NAME REMOVED also would get very annoyed if you called her when she was on call at night. It seemed like she just wanted us to leave her alone so she could collect her wages. After months of visiting us she also forgot my partner's name at a crucial moment.. I felt that they were mostly phoning it in most of the time and they said they were grateful that I was there to look after him. Of course I realized years later, so they didn't have to. They wanted to care maybe, just had a cushy job there no one really keeping track of what they did, and us the caregivers doing most of the hard work. I give them one and a half stars.

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