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First Hearing Centre

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First Hearing Centre
83 Pyes Pa Road
Pyes Pa
Tauranga 3112
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Bay of Plenty
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Carey Wright

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Hearing Assessment
Assessment of your hearing will take somewhere between 45 minutes to an hour and involves pure tone audiometry (hearing tones at varying levels), speech audiometry (identifying and repeating words), tympanometry and acoustic reflex testing (checks movement of the eardrum, pressure of the middle ear and muscle response to sounds). Carey will discuss your results with you and a report can be sent to your GP if you wish.

Hearing Aid Options
Hearing aids differ not only in how they look on the outside but also in what technology is inside the shell of the aid. The differing price points reflect the sophistication of the technology in the instrument. Generally hearing aids can be put into four categories:
Premium level
Advanced level
Standard level
Entry level hearing instruments

An approximate starting price for a pair of entry level hearing aids is $1500.00 (after the Ministry of Health subsidy deduction) while at the other end of the range you could be in the order of $9000.00 for two premium level aids.

Hearing Aid Checking and Retuning
Hearing aids are computer programmable and this means that if your hearing changes that the hearing aids may be re-programmed to suit your new level of hearing. If you have not had your hearing checked for two years or more, it would be a good idea to have it reassessed now and also have your hearing aids checked over too.

Hearing aids do need care and maintenance to keep them running optimally. Occasionally they need to be sent back to the manufacturer for more extensive work. We can check your hearing aids and arrange any off-site repairs for you.
Hearing Services
Hearing Services
Status Details
Information about Subsidies Yes
Diagnostic Hearing Test Yes
Hearing Aid Trial Yes
Fitting Fee Yes
Mould Fitting Fee Yes
Multiple Brands of Hearing Aids Yes
Updated: 21 Jan 2021
Languages Spoken
Languages Spoken
Language Status Details
English Yes
Updated: 8 Nov 2016