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Funeral Directors Association of New Zealand (FDANZ)

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Funeral Directors Association of New Zealand (FDANZ)
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A call to a registered FDANZ Funeral Director is the first step in ensuring your loved one gets the funeral they deserve. In New Zealand we grieve by gathering, remembering and celebrating. A funeral is an important step in this process.

Choosing to be a member of the Funeral Directors Association of NZ (FDANZ) is a choice New Zealand's best funeral homes make. The choice to join and be accepted into FDANZ means a commitment by members to provide a thoroughly professional and high quality service.

It also means you can be assured the firm has qualified and registered funeral directors to guide you through the many choices involved, whether you are after a full service funeral, a quiet cremation or a bespoke memorial.

Please visit our website www.fdanz.org.nz to find a list of FDANZ members in your area.

Have you considered the benefits of pre-arranging your own funeral? It's a wonderful gift to leave your family. Ask us for an information pack.

Click on the "Send me an info pack" button above and we'll post you a set of "My Life, My Funeral" brochures and a booklet from the FDANZ Funeral Trust about pre-planning and pre-paying your funeral.
Additional Branch Locations
Find a FDANZ Funeral Home by clicking on our map:
Website http://www.fdanz.org/find-a-funeral-dire...

Auckland FDANZ members
Website http://www.fdanz.org.nz/auckland

Canterbury FDANZ members
Website http://www.fdanz.org/canterbury

East Coast FDANZ members
Website http://www.fdanz.org.nz/east-coast

Hawkes Bay FDANZ members
Website http://www.fdanz.org.nz/hawkes-bay

Manawatu FDANZ members
Website http://www.fdanz.org.nz/manawatu

Marlborough/Nelson FDANZ members
Website http://www.fdanz.org.nz/marlborough-nels...

Northland FDANZ members
Website http://www.fdanz.org.nz/northland

Otago FDANZ members
Website http://www.fdanz.org.nz/otago

Southland FDANZ members
Website http://www.fdanz.org.nz/southland

Taranaki FDANZ members
Website http://www.fdanz.org.nz/taranaki

Waikato/Bay of Plenty FDANZ members
Website http://www.fdanz.org/bay-of-plenty-taupo

Waikato FDANZ members
Website http://www.fdanz.org.nz/waikato

Wairarapa FDANZ members
Website http://www.fdanz.org.nz/wairarapa

Whanganui FDANZ members
Website http://www.fdanz.org.nz/wanganui

Wellington FDANZ members
Website http://www.fdanz.org.nz/wellington

West Coast FDANZ members
Website http://www.fdanz.org.nz/west-coast
Updated: 3 Aug 2016