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Niagara Healthcare NZ Ltd
Equipment and Products
26/203 Kirkbride Road
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Mangere NZ 2153
Auckland, Northland, Waitemata, Counties Manukau, Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Lakes, Tairawhiti, Taranaki, Whanganui, Hawke's Bay, Wairarapa, MidCentral, Capital & Coast, Hutt Valley, Nelson Marlborough, West Coast, Canterbury, South Canterbury, Southern (Otago), Southern (Southland)
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Since 1985 Niagara Therapy products have been helping people of all ages in New Zealand to feel better. Incorporating a unique Cycloid Vibration Therapy, with regular use Niagara devices may help a range of health issues in areas of blood circulation, muscle and joint pain, improving joint mobility, assisting lymphatic (swelling) problems and the healing of ulcers and wounds.

Through Free Treatment Demonstrations in the comfort of your own home, you can try for yourself to feel first hand how your body responds. Our caring therapy consultants will be able to answer all of your questions so you can make a fully informed decision of whether Niagara is an option for you.

In later years, Quality of Life is impacted strongly by pain, stiffness and whether the body can heal quickly. Niagara Healthcare NZ has one mission. This is to help you Feel, Move and Live Better. Take advantage of the Free Treatment Demonstration offer today.
Sir Keith Park Special School was privileged to be chosen to receive a donation of cycloid vibration equipment from Niagara though their 'Fairyland Center' initiative. We received the train, bulldozer, lazy boy chair and a number of pads and hand held units.

All staff (therapists, teachers, teacher aides) have been using the equipment. The equipment has enabled the school therapists to offer another dimension to the therapy programmes implemented in the classrooms. We have predominantly used the devices to promote student's health and 'readiness' for learning so that they are more able to access and participate in the school curriculum.

Initially, we used the devices to address tone management, improve chest health, circulation and pain management for our students with complex and multiple disabilities such as cerebral palsy. When we explored using it with other students we surprisingly discovered that there were broader benefits! We have seen positive outcomes for our students with Autism. We have found that vibration appears to assist the children to self-regulate and better manage sensory input. The students then appear to find it easier to transition from one activity to another, they are engaged in tasks for longer, and are calmer and/ or more relaxed.

Staff like that the pads and hand held units are easy to use and are very portable, which means they can be easily shared across classrooms and used in different settings. The fact that the staff keep coming back to 'borrow' the equipment demonstrates their belief that the vibratory equipment benefits the students.

After 5 years of incorporating cycloid vibration equipment into individual and class programmes we believe that Niagara Therapy has helped our school to improve the quality of life of many of our students (and some staff!).

Yours Sincerely

K White
Specialist Team Leader
Occupational Therapist


I would like to thank you for the benefit that I have received from using Niagara Therapy Products.

As a young man I played Rugby for many years. I first played for Southland and subsequently I was very proud to be chosen to play for New Zealand in the All Blacks.

After I retired from my professional rugby career, I went into business here in Southland. I found that due to my many years of playing rugby, these had taken a heavy toll on my body. I was in great discomfort due to aches and pains resulting from my many injuries on the rugby field.

About 15 years ago I was introduced to your Company and the manyfold benefits of CVT through your agent who was referred to me by a close friend. I was very impressed with the results. I have always believed in natural therapy and used to have regular massage therapy. I could not afford to hire a therapist full time and so I invested in your products.

I am now well into my eighties and I am very proud to report that I am totally drug free. I credit this to the use of my CVT. It has greatly helped the soreness in my joints and I find that my mobility is greatly improved. My wife finds that it is very useful for helping her lymphatic circulation and we both feel that our circulation is greatly enhanced. We are still in our own home and have no intention of going to a rest home. We want to stay away from them.

We can highly recommend these products for anyone who is interested in improving their quality of life and keeping mobile and independent. We love the fact that the products are drug free and have no known side effects.

We are also most impressed with the service rendered by Stuart and always refer him to our friends as well. Please tell people that they are welcome to contact me if they wish to discuss the benefits that we have gained.

Yours truly

K Laidlaw
Ex-All Black (NZ)


When I received the Cyclo-Pad I was very skeptical if it would do any good with the problems I had. At that time I could not walk without a walker due to Arthritis in my feet and knees, poor circulation in my feet and legs, not to mention my swollen feet and also, up to my knees were purple.

After about 3 to 6 weeks, my legs, knees and feet had declined in swelling, I could walk so much better due to lack of pain and also my diabetes counts went from high 20's to 12. After 3 months on the Cyclo-Pad my blood sugars are consistently on 5-6, I do not need the walker anymore, I use the walking stick only and that is because of my drop foot (Broken Nerve). Since using the Cyclo-Pad my legs and feet are now pink, and the overall condition of the Arthritis has been the best it's been in 20 years.

I was using prednisone 20mgs a day, I am now using only 5mg a day and also I am not reliant on using insulin for my diabetes. I use less metformin which was 500mg 3 times a day for the past 8 months, and have been diagnosed as a non-diabetic. I have received my mobility back, I walk the dog everyday up and down the hill and I can now do chores around the house. My hobby is breeding birds which 9 months ago I would find this was a big task due to the lack of mobility - today this is no problem.

So 9 months ago I was skeptic of the Niagara Cyclo-Pad, as of today, I would highly recommend anyone to try a demonstration just one, to see if you can feel the difference yourself. I am that adamant that the Cyclo-Pad has gained my Quality of Life back and I am so confident of the product, so please feel free to ring me at any time to discuss how this has helped me.

Best Regards
E Hay (NZ)
Updated: 20 Sep 2017
Equipment & Products
Equipment & Products
Equipment & ProductsStatusDetails
Equipment/Aids Yes All Niagara products are registered through Medsafe as a Class IIa Medical Device. Niagara's In-Home Therapy Range Include: CVT Full Body Therapy Recliners and Lift Chairs CVT Adjustamatic Sleep Systems CVT Portable Cyclo Pad & Hand Unit
Updated: 20 Sep 2017