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AbiBird Unobtrusive Motion Sensor

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AbiBird Unobtrusive Motion Sensor
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56 Walters Road
Christchurch 8051
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Introducing AbiBird: a brand new way for older New Zealand residents to retain their independence.
Languages Spoken
Languages Spoken
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English Yes
Updated: 6 Mar 2018
Equipment & Products
Equipment & Products
Equipment & Products Status Details
Personal Alarms Yes AbiBird is a small device offering wireless unobtrusive monitoring without the need for a wearable alarm or a telephone or internet connection. There is no camera or audio recording, so privacy is maintained.
Updated: 6 Mar 2018
Details Status Details
Hire/Lease Yes AbiBird can be hired for $19.99/month. Each additional AbiBird can be hired for $10.00/month. AbiBird is billed for one month in advance of delivery. You may return the AbiBird before the commencement of the second or any future-billing month.
Updated: 6 Mar 2018
AbiBird is a small, unobtrusive device, a new way for older New Zealanders to retain their independence. AbiBird uses world-first intelligent technology and a discreet motion sensor to track ‘normal’ day and night activity.

Activity is displayed on Smartphones via a free app. A quick glance at the app will confirm that your loved one is going about their routine as usual. If activity exceeds normal routines or motion stops, AbiBird will immediately send an alert to you and your nominated network.

A key difference between AbiBird and alternative products is that AbiBird offers wireless, unobtrusive monitoring without the need for a wearable device or a telephone or internet connection. Also, as there’s no camera or audio recording, privacy is maintained.

A simple solution
The AbiBird device understands and counts the activity "normal" by day and night within a house. If a person stops moving for a period of time or the activity exceeds normal routines, AbiBird will immediately send an alert to a nominated smartphone.

The device is discretely placed on a shelf or wall, allowing people to perform their daily activities without the feeling of being watched, listened to and without the need to wear a portable device.

AbiBird takes less than two minutes to install and families and caregivers can establish how alerts are configured and shared.

You know they're okay
AbiBird comes with a free App, allowing you to see that your loved ones are well.

Downloading the App, linking AbiBird to a phone, and setting up a routine schedule takes less than two minutes. You can configure multiple users to receive alerts and create a virtual "neighbourhood assistance" network.
A quick look at the phone application will confirm that the person you are attending is doing their routine as usual.

For more information visit www.abibird.co.nz or email enquiries@abibird.co.nz

Updated: 16 Mar 2018