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Napier Aquatic Centre

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Napier Aquatic Centre
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Maadi Road
Napier 4110
Hawke's Bay
(06) 834 4150
(06) 843 9866
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The Napier Aquatic Centre is home to two 25m pools, spa pools, learners pool and hydroslides.
Whether you want to swim, walk lengths, or take part in an Aqua Aerobics or Aqua Jogging class - the Napier Aquatic Centre is perfect for everyone!
Community Group Types
Community Group Types
Community Group TypesStatusDetails
Community Organisations Yes
Fitness and Recreation Yes
Updated: 1 Jun 2010
What is a Water Workout?

People form all walks of life – fitness enthusiasts, athletes, professional, recreational, older adults, people with injuries or health issues and people who just want to have fun are discovering that something very special happens when you work out in water. IT WORKS!

A water workout moves your body through multidirectional resistance, while minimising joint stress and reducing the risk of injury, in an environment that keeps you cool.

Researchers have provided clear evidence over the past 10 years that claim water workouts produce health and fitness benefits while burning MORE CALORIES IN LESS TIME!

Why Workout in Water?

Water adds 12-14 percent more resistance than land, so every move you make in water improves strength and increases metabolism (the rate you burn calories, even during resting).

Water provides multidirectional resistance which means your muscle pairs work in balance during the same movement.
Water cushions your body and allows you to perform movements that would be difficult on land.
Water regulates your temperature and enables your heart rate to stay low while you work at intensity.
Water fitness participation has positive benefits for the following health challenges:
- Arthritis
- MS
- Back/Knee pain or rehabilitation
- Diabetes
- Fibromyalgia
- Pre/postnatal Conditions
- Cardiac Conditions

Aqua Fitness Classes

Aqua Blast (Deep)

Blast into your day/evening with this high intensity class using a buoyancy belt and other aquatic resistance equipment, guaranteed to have you firing on all cylinders.

Aqua Young at Heart
(Shallow and Deep)

A no to low impact workout designed to cater for all fitness levels and abilities. Suitable for injury prevention and recovery. Incorporates the use of buoyancy belts, noodles, and dumb bells in a fun class that will leave you feeling young at heart.

Aquattack (Shallow)

Finish your working day with this dynamic full body class that targets the cardiovascular system and all muscle groups with a combination of aerobic and toning exercises. Suitable for all fitness levels.
Updated: 1 Jun 2010
Special Features
Special Features
The Napier Aquatic Centre is disability friendly. The Ivan Wilson 25m Pool has an access ramp and we also have a water wheel chair available for use. The large spa has a chair lift to allow entry to those less mobile.
Updated: 1 Jun 2010
Languages Spoken
Languages Spoken
English Yes
Updated: 1 Jun 2010
CompanionshipSelf FundedSubsidisedAfter Hours
Activities/Exercise Programme Yes No No
Updated: 1 Jun 2010